More than half way there! 110lb loss

slimmervicki2007 Posts: 2 Member
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Hi everyone, so I never thought that I would be writing in the success stories but here I am!
It’s taken years and years of yo yo-Ing but I’m finally getting there.
I started my weight loss journey at 318 lbs, joined mfp after loosing 12lbs, left and then came back over and over. Around a year ago something just clicked, I gave up pepsi max, smoking and more recently sugar. I have cleaned my diet up and as a result stand at a 110lb loss taking me to 208lbs! I’m not done yet hopefully I would like to get to 150-160 but I’m so proud of how far I have come.
For any one wondering I’m 5’9.
Ps. Why did nobody tell me that I would get actual bruises from where my knees press together at night?


  • lisaharrington01
    lisaharrington01 Posts: 7 Member
    That’s spectacular! Congratulations!
  • Briaboo4
    Briaboo4 Posts: 1,080 Member
    You are an inspiration! Well done!!!
  • Kaitie9399
    Kaitie9399 Posts: 1,189 Member
  • JudyCoventry10
    JudyCoventry10 Posts: 2 Member
    So did you count calories diligently after it clicked? To lose the weight?
  • Leezy55
    Leezy55 Posts: 337 Member
    So happy for you! And an inspiration!
  • workINprogress516
    workINprogress516 Posts: 2 Member
    Amazing! Thank you for the inspiration! :3
  • slimmervicki2007
    slimmervicki2007 Posts: 2 Member
    So did you count calories diligently after it clicked? To lose the weight?
    No, I haven’t counted anything diligently. I just ate better things. To be honest giving up sugar and dairy seemed to make the biggest difference, although I gave up dairy because of an intolerance which I developed. If I stall on my weight loss then I will count calories for maybe a week to see where I’m going wrong and get myself back on track again.
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