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It’s Here! Switch on Net Carbs Mode Today.

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Count the Carbs Your Body Breaks Down

Since fiber and sugar alcohols have little to no effect on blood sugar and don’t provide significant calories, Net Carbs Mode automatically subtracts them so they don’t count toward your carb total.

Stay on Track and Save Time

Skip the math. Instant, accurate calculations make it easier to see your progress, adjust meals on the fly, and hit your specific net carbs target every day.

Toggle On. It’s That Easy.
To switch to Net Carbs Mode, navigate to the Diary Settings and tap Net Carbs. Your dashboard, food details, and goals will now show net carbs instead of total carbohydrates. Toggle back any time!

Premium Members - Start Tracking Your Net Carbs Today!

Try Premium free for 3 months to conquer your nutrition goals with Net Carb Mode.

If you have questions about this new feature, please check out our Help Section for more information:

This image above links directly to the Net Carbs feature and will only load if you are on a mobile device.
edited August 2020
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