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im so confused

x92_ix92_i Member Posts: 2 Member Member Posts: 2 Member
Hi there

first of all im sorry for my bad english. but i'll try my best.

i want to lose fat since my bf 27.8% which is the hiiiiiighest number i've ever seen. now im28yo and my tall is 173 cm and my wight 77.6 kg and my BF 27.8 %. and i am a cycler i burn 600-1000 cal/day

the problem now, i,ve no idea about how to plan my deit. but when i treid to count my dailt cal i get thise info :
BMR at Rest:1722
BMR in Motion: 3272

should i eat 3272 cal / day ? or i cut it by 25% ? or what should i do ?

thank you a lot


  • sijomialsijomial Member Posts: 16,960 Member Member Posts: 16,960 Member
    BMR on it's own isn't a useful number unless you are in hospital. :)
    (It's what you burn at total rest and in a fasted state.)

    I'm guessing that "BMR in motion" (not a phrase I've heard before) is your daily weight maintenance number more commonly referred to as TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) which includes your BMR, your daily activity and also an average of your exercise.

    As a regular cyclist you will probably be better using the MyFitnessPal method of accounting for exercise.
    Use the guided goal set up and it will estimate your calorie needs excluding exercise.

    When you ride you log that ride and get the calories estimated added to that day's calorie goal. (I wouldn't suggest using the exercise database entries here as they are awful - presume you have a method for estimating your cycling calorie burns?).

    Sounds like you are trying to lose weight despite posting in the Maintaining Weight forum, suggest you pick a slow rate of loss as you must be exercising a lot based on your numbers and a big cut will affect your performance.

    Where did you get your body fat estimate from?
    If from bathroom scales then beware those estimates can vary from OK to absolutely useless.
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