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How did you pick your maintenance weight?

OnedaywriterOnedaywriter Member Posts: 192 Member Member Posts: 192 Member
I originally set my goal weight as the highest number in the “healthy” BMI category (195 lbs). I’m a little over 6’2” tall. When I got there I felt that I actually looked and felt better at about 10 lbs more. Some of me is loose skin - I did lose >110 lbs. So I stayed at around 202 -205for many months. Gained the dreaded Covid 15 but now I’m back to around 10 lbs “overweight.”

So, I’m thinking about maintenance again. Is it healthier for me to lose the extra 10 - ignore the turkey neck and always being cold? I was telling myself that the loose skin has to weigh something- but not likely 10 lbs.
would the extra 10 lbs make a real difference to my health? I might try to get back to 195 then do a serious bulk to 205 to add some muscle.
How did you all decide when you were “there?”


  • Diatonic12Diatonic12 Member Posts: 6,414 Member Member Posts: 6,414 Member
    ROFL. Ooo, brother. My family calls it the gobbler's knob and the warbler.

    I think most of us have a dream weight in the back of our mind. We carry it around in our heart and write it down on the 'fridge. We put a sticky in the linen closet and one on the dashboard of the vehicle. We have a dream weight and most of don't want to settle for more or less. We want our dream weight.

    Come hail or high water, I worked 2.5 years to reach it and wild horses couldn't change my mind. You will know when you get there. I am bent on maintenance. I don't ever, ever want to go through any of that again. I edged my way down slowly. I had to defy my brain and it did fight against me each and every day. It always wanted its way but I'd had enough of flying by the seat of my pants. That ship has sailed and those days are over.

    You will reach your dream weight. Don't worry about the warbler. Your skin will continue to tighten if you're patient. You'll see.

    Think Tom Petty here. Runnin' Down A Dream

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  • MadisonMolly2017MadisonMolly2017 Member Posts: 6,414 Member Member Posts: 6,414 Member
    Hi @Onedaywriter !

    I was driving myself nuts over this very question!

    I finally asked my doctor “to make the call” for me. At a previous appt, he had been thrilled with my drop from 228 to180-185. When I said I wanted to get to 164 (25 BMI) for Female my height, he was Great!

    Came back in around 155.

    Asked him if I should stay there or lose 5-10 more. He said, “you are healthy at this weight. But if you want to go lower, that’s fine. How about this, go ahead if you want, and lose 5 more & we’ll revisit. But don’t lose more than 10 lbs.”

    So I got down to 150.2 for a day - hungry all the time. (Not cold at age 64, used to be freezing when I lost and was younger.) And use the skin bothered me - - a lot. Wondering if it is the every day exercise Ann mentioned!

    S l o w l y regained and declared maintenance at 155.

    Fast forward a couple of years - average wts 155 & 158. I’m used to the skin now.

    I’m now attempting Sone wt loss again very slowly again. Pure vanity. I want a smaller stomach & this time I’m willing to deal with some of those wrinkly skin surfaces (that have less fat/gravity under them.) However I’m already hungrier & I’m only down to 156.2

    SO I’m doing a tiny deficit over the next 4 months and hoping I can trick my body into not feeling hungry.

    On the Other Hand... I don’t know if 2-4 lbs is worth all this energy. Likely it won’t make such a big difference. Vanity has never been my thing... but I read about dangers of visceral fat ...SO I’m going to try again.

    To answer your question...
    I’d maintain your weight loss another year. Let your body adjust. Cement your healthy habits. Become comfortable in your new body. Exercise daily.

    And revisit next August!
  • nxd10nxd10 Member, Premium Posts: 4,525 Member Member, Premium Posts: 4,525 Member
    I picked the weight I was when I graduated from college and came back to after each pregnancy. It's BMI 22. I look good. It works fine for me. I gave myself a 5 pound range around that.
  • LuciiculLuciicul Member Posts: 421 Member Member Posts: 421 Member
    I picked a number that is roughly mid-point of the "healthy" range for my height, and it's a weight I was stable at for about 7 years prior to having a child. Being middle of the "healthy" range gives me a bit more buffer for weight fluctuations than I would feel uncomfortable with if I was right at the top of the range (balancing on the line to overweight).

    After I reached this goal weight, I did a DEXA body composition scan so I could have a more accurate understanding of how much fat and muscle I actually have - as I know the scale weight and BMI is not as accurate. This was my double-checking process to make sure I made a healthy choice based on evidence, and wasn't chasing numbers for the sake of it. I had lost 120lbs, and my fat, muscle and bone were all in the healthy range.

    I still do wonder from time to time if I should lose another couple kilos (say 5 lbs), but also I know at this point "scale weight" is less relevant than body composition, and if I want to improve my body composition I should do strength training... but I'm not particularly motivated to do that.

    Having lost so much weight, I do have looser skin in some places, and a little bit under the chin... but I can see it has already tightened up a bit in the 8 months I've been maintaining, and will do more given time.

    Ultimately it makes sense to pick a weight that you think is achievable for you to maintain, and which meets your health needs, but pair it with other non-scale measurements (such as considering body composition, how you feel, lifestyle factors, what you like, etc).

    The biggest risk is during maintenance is fat regain - so do ensure you have a plan to stop that from happening.
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