385 days - my progress



  • Bluetail6
    Bluetail6 Posts: 2,874 Member
    Absolutely inspiring!! Thanks for sharing :)
  • walk4today
    walk4today Posts: 1,195 Member
    Your story is so inspiring! Especially your recent accomplishment of hiking in the beautiful French Alps. I hiked there 30 years ago and your photo of the mountains brought back a happy memory. Congratulations on all your hard work!
  • HeathieM
    HeathieM Posts: 173 Member
    Wow! Great job!
  • MidlifeCrisisFitness
    MidlifeCrisisFitness Posts: 1,106 Member
    Great job!
  • beulah81
    beulah81 Posts: 168 Member
    Thank you for sharing your journey! 👏🙌💐
    Good call on taking it slower as you tread down into the lower weight range! 👍🏻
  • fslarsson
    fslarsson Posts: 4 Member
    Wow!! Well done you!!!! This is so inspiring and very similar to my story and we are the same age too :) I am 37 on Saturday, I'm not Belgium though - I am Swedish :) Keep going and I look forward to seeing more of your updates x
  • 3greyhorses
    3greyhorses Posts: 529 Member
    Thanks so much for sharing! Great work!
    Very inspiring :smile:
  • MidlifeCrisisFitness
    MidlifeCrisisFitness Posts: 1,106 Member
    Great work
  • Butterfly_Ninja3
    Butterfly_Ninja3 Posts: 32 Member
    Absolutely INSPIRING! I have always felt slower was way more safer anyway. I am going to change MY goals to .5 lbs a week and see what changes for me. This is a journey... and honestly, I just want to enjoy living and breathing another day. This post makes me smile BIG! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :)
  • cadasaj64
    cadasaj64 Posts: 1 Member
    Congratulations you look fantastic
  • lynneburgess714
    lynneburgess714 Posts: 84 Member
    Congratulations you also have very good insight!
  • MidlifeCrisisFitness
    MidlifeCrisisFitness Posts: 1,106 Member
  • charmmeth
    charmmeth Posts: 936 Member
    That is amazing progress: very well done! (And I sympathise with the sense of being in normal bmi but still having a fair bit of flab to lose!)
  • springlering62
    springlering62 Posts: 7,379 Member
    This makes me so happy! You are such a great community member and it’s so joyful to see you succeeding!!!!
  • govindnair1981
    govindnair1981 Posts: 3 Member
    Looks awesome...congrats! Just started my journey 3 weeks back. One additional thing that is working well for me is to not have food or calorie rich drinks after 6 PM.
  • jenilla1
    jenilla1 Posts: 11,118 Member
  • charmmeth
    charmmeth Posts: 936 Member
    Lietchi wrote: »
    I'm not sure if this outfit makes the cut for the garden party, but I tried out on old belt as an accent (the decorative slits allowed me to tighten it sufficiently): quite a difference between my original and current waist size!

    Brilliant progress! The belt really emphasises the change in your shape.

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