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Need help with maintenance cals

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Hello everyone. Little background on me, I’m 22, 5’4, and 133.8 lbs. I gained weight last year due to medication (17lbs) and got it off with both cardio and strength training. My goal now is to maintain this weight. I don’t currently go to a gym but I workout at home with weights and a treadmill. Including some body weight exercises and resistance bands.

I walk 4mph for 30 minutes 3 days a week and strength train 3 days a week. I started out pretty weak a couple years ago and I’ve just started lifting 20lbs. I’ve noticed my weight is still dropping even though I weigh and measure my food out and eat my maintenance, which my tdee said was 1,860. Mfp is now saying it’s 1,890. Are 30 calories less really that much of a difference?

Do I need to increase my cals? And how much should I increase them by? I don’t wanna gain any fat. My clothes are falling off, my waist has gone down another inch, and my weight is usually 134lbs but has started reading 133.8lbs. Not much of a difference but I’m just feeling thinner when I don’t want to lose more.

My goal is to maintain and get some muscle. Thank you.


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