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Quick and easy Salsa

LaraeTXLaraeTX Member Posts: 650 Member Member Posts: 650 Member
in Recipes
I bought an instant pot brand blender and couldn’t wait to try this recipe. It’s really amazing.


  • nanastaci2020nanastaci2020 Member, Premium Posts: 578 Member Member, Premium Posts: 578 Member
    Looks good.

    I use canned tomatoes with a seasoning mix. Originally bought the seasoning mix at a local fair, and now buy from the same company online whenever I get low. I also use an immersion blender when making my salsa.

    My preferred combo is 2 cans of Hunts Fire Roasted w/ garlic and 1 scoop each of the hot and regular salsa seasoning mixes. As long as I keep cans of tomatoes in the pantry-I can make salsa at any time.
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  • lalalacroixlalalacroix Member Posts: 879 Member Member Posts: 879 Member
    Looks good. I make all of my salsas as well. Tastier and cheaper than store bought.
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