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Saying Hi

Hi there ,
I’m new to the community portion of fitness pal but would really like to get results so am using all of my resources. I’ve been at this for years but just can’t seem to get to goal . At this point and age I’d just like to lose a couple pant sizes (3) 😉. I eat very clean , don’t drink too often & exercise a few times a week. Portion control is most likely my issue but I truly don’t get much grace where the scale is concerned . Anyway would love to hear any tips and tricks .


  • ChelleDee07
    ChelleDee07 Posts: 396 Member
    The community part of MFP is huge! Finding like minded friends who enjoy/share some of the same interests as you that are looking to improve their health/lifestyle is of the utmost importance. I honestly thing it is a huge factor in success. For this reason I keep an 'active & small' friends list.

    If you feel portion control is the hurdle for you to overcome, I would highly recommend the purchase/use of a digital food scale. We often over estimate (can under estimate as well) our serving size. What we tend to think is a serving size often is not. Try to up your water, protein and fiber. They will help you feel full longer. I find pre-logging (logging the night before) helps me stay on track as well.

    Wishing you all the best with your goal. You can do it!
  • malcnunn
    malcnunn Posts: 4 Member
    If you think portion control is an issue try this one ... Find a slightly smaller plate than the ones you currently use and bin the others . If the new plates look similar to your old ones even better . Bit of a mind trick but it works as you will eat smaller portions without realising .. give it a go :) all the best !
  • Joeydz7
    Joeydz7 Posts: 22 Member
    I just walked 2 hours a day and ate chicken breast and broccoli for about a week and lost 7 pounds, still lots more to go but hey it’s one hell of a journey, and pure heaven once we get there 😉