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Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 125



  • HoopsGuy72HoopsGuy72 Member Posts: 356 Member Member Posts: 356 Member
    5'11" male
    Highest weight ever: 245.0 (January 2015)
    OSW/OBF%: 241.0/20.8 (7/18/2020)
    UGW: One-derland

    R120 EW/EBF%: 233.6 (-7.4)/20.0 (-0.8), AW/ABF%: 235.3 (-5.7)/20.17 (-0.63)
    R121 EW/EBF%: 233.4 (-0.2)/20.0 (0.0), AW/ABF%: 233.1 (-2.2)/19.95 (-0.22)
    R122 EW/EBF%: 228.4 (-5.0)/19.4 (-0.6), AW/ABF%: 230.5 (-2.6)/19.66 (-0.29)
    R123 EW/EBF%: 227.2 (-1.2)/19.3 (-0.1), AW/ABF%: 227.3 (-3.3)/19.31 (-0.35)
    R124 EW/EBF%: 224.4 (-2.8)/19.0 (-0.3), AW/ABF%: 226.2 (-1.1)/19.19 (-0.12)

    Total W/BF% lost: 16.6/1.8
    Average W/BF% lost per round: 3.53/0.38

    Round 125 goal(s): Any loss. Even 0.2 lbs. Increase exercise to at least SOMETHING every other day.


    9/4: 224.8 (+0.4)/19.1 (+0.1). My days have been really busy, and I'm finding it hard to find time to post right now. Just know that I'm still committed to this group, and to my journey toward health and fitness.

    9/5: 224.4 (-0.4)/19.0 (-0.1). Thursday was my wife's birthday, and we had steak, wine, and chocolate-covered strawberries. Yesterday was apparently ALSO my wife's birthday, and she wanted to try gigantic breakfast burritos from a local restaurant. I did not eat lunch, and I barely snacked for dinner, because I was SO FULL from breakfast. I probably should have split the thing in two. TODAY is ALSO MY WIFE'S BIRTHDAY, as we're going to her family's home for some home-cooked deliciousness. What do I have to say for myself? So far, so good. It hasn't been perfect, but I'm minimizing the damage reasonably effectively. I'm also noticing, on my fifth challenge back, that the average body weight calculations I have been performing have actually been reasonably accurate, mirroring the program I've been using to graph my daily weight. I'm feeling pretty good today. (P.S. - I used my rowing machine yesterday for the first time in months)

    9/6: 226.8 (+2.4)/19.3 (+0.3).

    9/7: 227.2 (+0.4)/19.3 (+0.3).

    9/8: 228.0 (+0.8)/19.4 (+0.1).

    9/9: 227.0 (-1.0)/19.4 (0.0).

    9/10: 228.8 (+1.8)/19.5 (+0.1). It was really tempting not to come back here. The past five days have been terrible weight-wise, and they have been very difficult overall. Work has been getting worse, and yesterday was probably the worst day I have had there in five months. The trend graph I have been using reflects all this. All the ingredients are there for me to just give up, and disappear. I haven't actually considered it, but it feels important to acknowledge this reality. My eating has been $#!+, but as I like to tell my clients, every moment is an opportunity to turn things around. I've been here a couple of months, and I have had a lot of success so far. I KNOW what I need to do. Today is going to be the day that I turn things back around. Exercise is OUT for now, though; I'm a few miles from some very bad fires here in SoCal, and the air quality is terrible.

    9/11: 226.2 (-2.6)/19.2 (-0.3). Better. This feels better. I was on-point with my food yesterday. Time to start thinking about the weekend. So far, all I have planned is my brother-in-law and his girlfriend coming over for dinner and the Laker game. Food should be good - we're going to order in from a place that has really good salads, and I'll go a little light on food earlier in the day. There will be some drinking, but I'll limit it hard liquor, and I'll limit it to the equivalent of two drinks at the most (I bought the wife a bunch of scotch for her birthday, and I'm going to host a "tasting" for her with her brother). I'm happy that I decided to stick around. It felt good coming back to post yesterday.

    9/12: 224.4 (-1.8)/19.0 (-0.2). So wildfire air (the air quality in SoCal right now is HORRIBLE) is preventing my brother-in-law and his girlfriend from coming over tonight, which means there will be no temptation this weekend, which means that I officially get to complete the amazing comeback I have made in the past couple of days to "salvage the round." At worst I should end up at my starting weight or lower, which was all I hoped when I started this round. I had a BIG rough patch, but it was more about circumstances (my wife's birthday, and the state of the world) than me lacking motivation.

    9/13: 225.4 (+1.0)/19.1 (+0.1).

    R125 EW/EBF%: 225.4 (+1.0)/20.1 (+0.1), AW/ABF%: 226.3 (+0.1)/19.23 (+0.04)
    edited September 2020
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