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Do you see weight gain?



  • DevietteDeviette Member Posts: 818 Member Member Posts: 818 Member
    Honestly, if you hadn't told me the photos were taken on different day, I would've assumed they'd all be taken all at one.

    Also congrats on maintaining for two years! That is such an achievement!
  • cyaneverfatcyaneverfat Member Posts: 347 Member Member Posts: 347 Member
    I think you look smaller in the first picture, but it was more zoomed out? so you are probably the same size in all of the pictures.
  • whitej1234whitej1234 Member Posts: 206 Member Member Posts: 206 Member
    Another one here that couldn't understand there is a difference between the pictures until I saw the tag (I was searching where to click to get the "after" imagers), and even then I couldn't understand which tag is for which picture. That should really be a sign I see no differences.

    I can relate to the general feeling though of feeling bloated. For me, when I don't keep track of my carbs for a while I can gain a 1 kg but feel like I gained 5kg (and the same when I start cutting, I cut a little bit and feel much slimmer). This is mostly, for me the feeling of bloating around my face (water I guess). It is very individual, and for sure is not visible to anyone else.

    I agree with the others here, over-focusing like that, after 2 years of maintaining (nice job!), why?!?! Unless you feel a health difference, in that case check what have changed and if it is something significant maybe talk to a doctor?
  • SnifterPugSnifterPug Member Posts: 401 Member Member Posts: 401 Member
    The lighting in the "now" pictures is different and that is probably affecting your judgement if you think you look bigger. You don't look any different to me.
  • DanaDarkDanaDark Member Posts: 2,179 Member Member Posts: 2,179 Member
    You look exactly the same to me. Heck, looks like they all taken at the same time. So yeah, in your head. And its good you decided to get an opinion from people rather than doing anything dumb/drastic. It is definitely good to get that second opinion.

    The figure makes me think of a sports. Looks like you got string legs which would be used extensively in sports like soccer for example.
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