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Friends wanted!

sdolan91sdolan91 Member Posts: 250 Member Member Posts: 250 Member
Well I am back on MFP after a few years...
I successfully lost 50 lbs with this app and then my life went completely upside down
(tw: death)

the last 3 years I've lost my sister, my dad, and then my mom
I moved to another state and don't have any friends
I adopted my two nephews
and I've been battling an auto immune disease (crohns) that has sent me to the hospital quite a few times in the past year... yay!

I'm looking for friends and help as I try to take back control of my life because it's just a trainwreck at this point.
I want to try to lose the almost 50 lbs I've gained back + 10 more (steroids have really not helped...)



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