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    @playhardkf2017 - I had found the interstitial cystitis this past weekend while I was trying to figure out what to do about my symptoms. I am wondering if the injury I sustained years ago set me on the path to develop this as I get older. My relatively minor symptoms have been getting worse over the past year or so until it got so bad the weekend before I thought I may have to go to the hospital. I really feel for your Mom since there doesn't seem to be any real cure for the disease.

    I know with her it flares up and down. She'll get the spasms and pain etc. There are different triggers that some people have with it. I'm not sure if the injury could have done it, but it is essentially inflammation of that whole area, so maybe? I hope you feel better and live in an area where the doctors are well versed in it!

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    Well, turns out this morning my mild rib discomfort (I thought from sleeping funny) turned into sharp pain when I lifted the coffee pot to fill the machine with water. Its very uncomfortable to move and can't even lift my coffee cup to my face without pain. Deep breaths are out of the question. No walks until I'm feeling 100% again, especially with the pup ):

    That sounds like broken rib(s). My exact symptoms when I boke some several years ago after a fall. They really don't do much for them these days, but you still may want to have it checked by hospital or doctor to make sure there are no complications. Do you remember anything happening that could have caused a broken rib or two?
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    @jaccimc63 I use AZO. It usually catches it before it becomes an infection. Once infected, only antibiotics will cure. I hope this helps.
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    @prehistoricmoongoddess If you edit from early morning to late night, be sure to change AM to PM.When I get a lot of pink (awake time) that has been the problem. 6ax5l6lljq8q.jpeg