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19 years old, 189cm and only 63kg. Want to gain weight.

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As you've probably read the title I'm 19 years old and quite tall as I stand at 189cm. I was always a skinny boy except when I was a baby but I guess that doesn't count (laugh). I work on a farm (daily min 1-2 hours) and do some road cycling (5-6 hours per week) with some volleyball on the weekend. I would say that I am "fit" meaning I can at least move normally and all that stuff and don't just sit around and do nothing all day. But I only weigh 63kg and I'v been called a stick for all my life. I would like to gain weight and get some muscle in the process (but not get ripped or anything like that, just a normal teenager fit posture). I really DON'T like fitness gyms (partially because of my confidence and partially "just beacause") and I have some dumbbells at home, but there are so many articles and videos online that I don't even know where to start. I would like to get some help on my nutrition and maybe some exercises or just get pointed in the right direction to start the process of gaining weight.
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  • ChieflrgChieflrg Member Posts: 8,638 Member Member Posts: 8,638 Member
    Pretty common of a young man at your age being active.

    Eat more. Eat calorie dense food if this is challenging as it seems.

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    drink a gallon of milk every day for a couple of months.

    if you would like to bias gains towards lean body mass then an appropriate training protocol is indicated. barbell squat, bench, press and deadlift for heavy sets of 5 and regular increases in intensity usually works pretty well for a couple months.
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