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  • sijomialsijomial Member Posts: 17,117 Member Member Posts: 17,117 Member
    Bit more of a struggle to ride this week as hands and feet are not liking lower temperatures.
    Funny ride yesterday, set out to do some big climbs but immediately apparent I simply didn't feel good, no energy in either legs or lungs - very odd as I should have been relatively fresh. Toned the ride down and just did a steady plod avoiding the big hills.
    Today all back to normal. Yesterday was just one of those random bad days I guess.

    120 miles for the week, 311 for October so far.

    Pleased to hit 900 Strava PRs for this year, way more than I've accumulated in a year before and a bit surprising as most of my riding has been on local roads. 1000 by end of year is a pointless but entertaining target. :smiley:

  • ccrdragonccrdragon Member Posts: 2,780 Member Member Posts: 2,780 Member
    Morning ride - 19.91 miles
    Monthly total - 152.02 miles
    Left to goal - 107.98 miles

    Didn't ride last week - popped two spokes the weekend before and had to order a new wheel (took a week to get the new one in). Did stay active with morning walks 4 of the 5 days last week, total walked for the week was 13.73 miles.
  • ccrdragonccrdragon Member Posts: 2,780 Member Member Posts: 2,780 Member
    Morning ride - 17.5 miles
    Monthly total - 169.52 miles
    Left to goal - 90.48 miles

    Been a good year for the rabbits - saw at least 20 cottontails while riding this morning.
  • ccrdragonccrdragon Member Posts: 2,780 Member Member Posts: 2,780 Member
    Morning ride - 20.57 miles
    Monthly total - 190.09 miles
    Left to goal - 69.91 miles

    Muggy morning and warm (70 degrees when I started). Did see some rabbits and a young opossum.
  • ccrdragonccrdragon Member Posts: 2,780 Member Member Posts: 2,780 Member
    10/22: morning ride - 16.9 miles
    10/23: morning ride - 16.01 miles

    Monthly total - 223 miles
    Left to goal - 37 miles

    Got wet this morning, had a front move thru and the rain started when I was about 2 miles from the house... oh well... I didn't melt :smile:
  • sijomialsijomial Member Posts: 17,117 Member Member Posts: 17,117 Member
    Nice and challenging ride yesterday.
    Followed a route exploring the Surrey Hills area of outstanding natural beauty.
    Although I live fairly close and ride there often this was a route from an organised tour company that a fellow MFP'er shared to take me out of my comfort zone.


    Some roads very familiar, some I've only ridden rarely and plenty of brand new roads that I've passed nearby but never tried.
    Started out on a wet gravelled track shared with lots of walkers and their dogs with stunning views of The Devil's Punchbowl but not ideal on slick road tyres. First 30 miles was on mostly tiny roads, often badly surfaced, wet and covered in tree debris and slimy leaf mulch, sometimes very hard to see where the margins of the road were - very little grip combined with steep descents was nerve wracking at times. Bike wanted to go faster than me but I was already braking as hard as the limited grip would allow. Second half was more open but with a lot of climbing at the end just when you are getting tired.

    Well thought out route which was challenging with long climbs but not hateful, thankfully they didn't include any of the extreme climbs nearby with 15 - 19% gradients which feel more like a punishment than a hobby. I'll do it again in the Spring or Summer when I'll be able to spend more time looking at the scenery rather than the road surface.
    Bike needs a clean now....


  • helen_goldthorpehelen_goldthorpe Member Posts: 295 Member Member Posts: 295 Member
    I've been a bit quiet this month - an end of season break with a holiday in Devon in the middle. We took bikes with us but only did relatively short rides for the most part as I was meant to be having a break from riding ;) I also took a break from calorie counting and ate plenty of pasties and scones.

    Today winter training started - 2 hours of riding to z2 heart rate so my coach can look at what power that came out at. I'm also doing a bit more strength work and a bit less riding for a while, I think.
  • sijomialsijomial Member Posts: 17,117 Member Member Posts: 17,117 Member
    Poor weather has made it harder to ride this week and only got out three times.
    Upside is more time for strength training, four sessions this week and got my bench press back to pre-lockdown levels.

    101 miles for the week, 412 miles for October.
  • _nikkiwolf__nikkiwolf_ Member Posts: 1,372 Member Member Posts: 1,372 Member
    Few more commutes from me, for a total of 128.5km for October so far.

    And a very scary experience: I must have had a crash(?) during my ride home last Thursday, but I don't remember anything about it. One moment I'm outside the office, unlocking my bike and waving goodbye to a colleague getting into his car, and the next thing I remember it's two hours later and I'm sitting on my couch at home, and my left side plus the palm of my right hand are hurting.
    Thanks to recording my rides with my Garmin, I can tell exactly *where* something happened:
    My ride is going normal until that point, comes to an abrupt stop, 5 minutes spent in place, then continue home at little more than half the usual speed. I seem to have done all the usual things after coming home too, like stopping the Garmin, storing my bike in the cellar, switching of the bike lights (battery powered and showing ~70% full, consistent with an hour of riding), hanging the helmet and reflective vest in their usual spots... I just don't remember any of it. I had to go downstairs and verify all those things.
    Fortunately nothing worse happened. My bike has a few scuffs on the left bar-end and pedal that I don't remember seeing before, I have a few bruises and a mild concussion (which apparently also explaines the gap in my memories - I learned now that you can even lose time before the moment you hit your head), and I will replace my helmet (I don't see any cracks in the shell, and I don't remember hitting my head, but based on the evidence, I probably did...).

    So at this point, what's really bothering me is not knowing what happened. Did my chain jam and cause me to fall? Did a car come out of the parking lot on the right and I had to brake too suddenly to avoid it and skidded on the wet pavement? I'd like to avoid a repeat experience, but that's hard to do if I don't know what went wrong the first time. :/

    So I guess, general take-home-message: Take care when riding in the dark on wet pavement. And always wear a helmet.
    edited October 26
  • icemom011icemom011 Member Posts: 941 Member Member Posts: 941 Member
    @_nikkiwolf_ , so sorry it happened! Sounds very much like you got a concussion from the crush. If you are getting any weird symptoms, like headaches, weakness, fatigue, something unusual and out of norm, consider going to a doctor and get checked out. Sounds so scary not knowing what happened and have such time gap in your memory! Please take care! I commute too, it's always challenging with some drivers being total jerks. And most likely no one stopped to help you, since you got home on your own.
  • _nikkiwolf__nikkiwolf_ Member Posts: 1,372 Member Member Posts: 1,372 Member
    Thanks, @icemom011 ! Fortunately, I don't have any serious symptoms. No headache, nausea, vomiting, balance problems, trouble sleeping or anything, so I haven't gone to see a doctor - especially since I'd rather avoid crowded ER waiting rooms in the current second wave of Covid infections. But you're totally right that I should get checked out if anything gets worse! I know that the people with a concussion are often the last ones to notice that they are confused or dazed.
    I went to work on Friday and today, and visited my parents for the weekend, and no one mentioned anything about me acting off. I did make sure to tell people that I had a nasty fall with my bike on Thursday night, just in case...

    The only concussion symptoms I had was general exhaustion on Friday. Saturday I went for an easy ~6.5km run and started to feel a little dizzy twice when I went too fast uphill, but recovered after walking for a minute both times. So I think a little more rest is all I need.
    icemom011 wrote: »
    ... I commute too, it's always challenging with some drivers being total jerks. And most likely no one stopped to help you, since you got home on your own.
    Yeah, I'm rather suspecting a stupid driver causing me to fall then any bike malfunction, especially since I was okay to ride home. And since I was stopped for slightly less than five minutes, if that's the case, they didn't stick around for long enough to (a) notice I hit my head and shouldn't be riding home, and (b) give me any kind of insurance information. Of course it's also possible that I was dazed enough to tell any concerned bystanders that I was fine before jumping on my bike and riding home. I guess I will never know!
  • sijomialsijomial Member Posts: 17,117 Member Member Posts: 17,117 Member

    What a scary and unsettling experience for you.
    Do take it easy as concusion and whiplash can appear/reappear for quite a while.

    Sensible descion about replacing the helmet - you would always be wondering if it was compromised otherwise.

    (I did something similar in a racing motorcycle crash. Hit the Armco at about 70mph and had a memory gap from the moment of impact until next thing I recall is sitting on the Armco minus my crash helmet doing a rolecall of various body parts that hurt waiting for help. Marshalls returned my helmet to me and clearly I had filled the front of my helmet with mud but no idea if it came off by itself or I took it off afterwards, if it had a minor impact or major impact.)
  • helen_goldthorpehelen_goldthorpe Member Posts: 295 Member Member Posts: 295 Member
    I hope you're ok! Scary!

    My OH did similar once, although he knows how he did it. He was doing cyclo-cross skills in the park, practising jumping on and off his bike. He failed ;)

    I came home later to find him sitting on the sofa. He told me he crashed, I asked how, he told me. I asked whether he rode or walked home and he said he wasn't exactly sure. I checked his helmet and found a big crack and dragged him to A&E.

    Even worse was a friend who crashed on a wet cattle grid, called an ambulance and then got back on her bike and started riding. Eventually the paramedics found her about 5 miles away!
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