It has taken me 10 years

anniebr Posts: 35 Member
It took me almost 10 years but I have lost close to 100 pounds. Seven pounds to go. I tried every diet known to man and spent a lot of money, but I always gained it back. My fitness pal has always been consistent and I do my best by keeping it simple.
my thought for today. The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be. Keep on track and I promise you I will too.


  • dashofwicked
    dashofwicked Posts: 30 Member
    I'm so happy for you. Congratulations on nearly 100 lbs lost, that is amazing. Good on you for never giving up. <3
  • JojoInTheForks
    JojoInTheForks Posts: 134 Member
    Congratulations Anniebr! 100 pounds is certainly a milestone...I hope you have a good treat planned for yourself when it officially clicks over!! I'm just about half way to a hundred myself and if I reach my goal of 100 gone? Well this Mamacita is headed for the islands!
  • pizzafruit
    pizzafruit Posts: 321 Member
    Wow! Determination really pays off. You're a great ambassador and inspiration. Congratulations.
  • ibrake4bunnies
    ibrake4bunnies Posts: 63 Member
  • 1poundatax
    1poundatax Posts: 228 Member
    I love that you stuck with it. It is inspirational to me that it took you time. I am looking to lose 30 pounds though definitely could lose more. I know the sooner I get it off the better for my health. But I know I need the mindset it will take as long as it takes and when I lose the weight that isn't the end- I need to work on maintaining forever. Congratulations and thank you for the inspiration.
  • kdbulger
    kdbulger Posts: 396 Member
    Thank you for the perspective. Sometimes I forget that it doesn't matter how long it takes - why should it? And the most sustainable way is just to do it slowly.
  • anniebr
    anniebr Posts: 35 Member
    Thanks for all the nice comments. Being overweight has taken its toll on my self worth. Every day i stick to my plan i lose a little shame, guilt, and fear. at times I can be more afraid of success than the journey to loose. I have to allow those good comments to sink in. I hope everyone has a good night.
  • walk4today
    walk4today Posts: 1,195 Member
    Congratulations! You are a true inspiration. I can really relate to your comment about sometimes being more afraid of success than the journey of losing the weight. It can be such a struggle. Glad you have been able to hang in there and stick to your plan.
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