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Gaining muscle and eating right? HELP!

hannat952hannat952 Member, Premium Posts: 1 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1 Member
I'm not so sure as to how I should start finding what foods I need to eat and when to eat them in order to get to my desired look and fitness goals. I'm just trying to get muscle, become stronger, and be more defined. Anyone have any tools for me?


  • MT1134MT1134 Member Posts: 174 Member Member Posts: 174 Member
    Can you give us some details about your goals and what you're currently doing training wise? What do your eating habits look like right now?
  • heybalesheybales Member Posts: 18,071 Member Member Posts: 18,071 Member
    Besides adequate protein, foods to eat and when are at the very minor side of helping your stated goals.
    Way below progressive lifting routine being done.
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