When to fit in exercise

In order to give the best advice let me paint a picture...so I am a single mom of 3 and 1of them is only almost 13 months old and I work full time. I plan to lose 180 pounds and with this added weight I am usually pretty tired by 6pm.
I find myself sitting a lot when I am home just no energy to do anything. My free time is if I wake up super early (4am), or betweek 7-9pm when I am also cleaning up which honestly doesn't always get done daily. I want to do some kind of workout I'm just trying to figure out when. Sometimes in the evenings it isn't always the best time because my little one wants attention from not seeing me all day. I just feel stuck. Possibly an outside viewpoint would help. Thanks everyone!


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    Sometimes I feel like it's a victory if I get my chores done.🙄
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    Exercise is a good thing but is not necessary for weight loss. Weight loss is achieved with a calorie deficit.

    Read the stickies at the top, loads of great info up there.

    Like this one.

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    Honestly I would focus on your diet for now. When you have limited time to spend an hour in the kitchen for meal prep is going to be a lot more impactful than an hour spent running (I.e I can burn around 1000 kcal running, but meal prep easily allows me a 5000 kcal deficit for the week).

    As things progress you may be able to introduce lifestyle changes that gives you exercise while also spending time with the kids. Going for walks together, playing together on the playground etc.

    If you really do want to work out (it’s good for you even while not necessary for weight loss!) then my vote would be early morning. I find it sets me up nicely for feeling on a roll the rest of the day. Alternatively can you devote your break time at work to walking around the building if you have a desk job?
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    I agree with everyone else. You'll set yourself up for burnout if you try to fit in exercise right now. It isn't necessary to lose weight. You can lose all that weight just weighing and measuring your intake with a digital food scale. Exercise gives you a better body when you're done. Instead of "exercise" in the regular sense, look at your chores as exercise and work on them as you can. Definitely second going for walks with the toddler, even pushing a stroller, and if you can involve the other kids that's a plus. As your little one grows, you can then branch out into workout videos, jogging, or take some classes at the gym. Life changes, you just need a plan, and don't knock yourself out right now. Good luck dear. Many of us have been in your shoes--take care of yourself.
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    How long is your lunch break at work? Could you fit a 30 min walk in?

    I'm with the others, first thing is nutrition if your main goal is losing weight. Modest amounts of activity like walking can reap significant improvements in overall health and wellbeing.
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    If exercise is important to you - then start small. Carve out 5 minutes before work and 5 minutes after. Do squats, bicep curls, leg lifts, etc. Google simple body weight exercises. You don't even need equipment. Start with a water bottle instead of dumbbells.
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    That does sound tough! Are you able to bring the kids on a walk to a nearby park? Bust out the stroller and take them outside for a bit would benefit everyone!
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    All movement counts. You can walk around your house and march in place as you're going from one room to the next. Try marching as you walk. We can't outexercise our food as everyone has said. It's all about the deficit.

    There's no such thing as the right time to begin. There's no such thing as the Finish Line. It all begins with one step so make it small. You've got to begin, today. March.
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    As other have said, do focus on Calories In, but don't discount chores as a way to increase your Calories Out. I've been helping my mom clean out her barn and attic, and it was quite a workout!

    I like to be active every day, preferably outside, and when the summer heat trapped me indoors, after I maxed out all the indoor strength training, stretching, and yoga I could do, I reluctantly turned to deep cleaning as a way to get in more movement. I don't log the first half hour or so I do of every day cleaning, but I figure anything in addition to that which is taking at least 30 minutes is fair game for logging, as it is certainly not part of my normal activity.

    I'd set the timer for 30 minutes, crank up the tunes, and go to town (often for more than the 30 minutes).

    I had some painting projects in mind, but decided to wait until we no longer needed the AC and could open the windows, but lost interest as soon as it cooled off enough that I could enjoy gardening and walking again.

    Also, I consider the first hour I do of cooking to be part of my regular activity, and don't log that, but I do log any big cooking projects on top of that.
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    Thank you everyone for your Insight on Mike situation and is very much appreciated. I do understand that exercise is not necessary for weight loss I just worry about sagging skin
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    Slow weight loss helps with sagging skin sometimes, but sometimes it does matter what you do. It is what it is. Extra skin trumps obesity everyday. Hugs
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    Exercise is important, one can be a "fat" skinny person. Two people, same height & weight, can wear 3 sizes different. The more muscle you have, the more fat you burn. Muscle takes up 22% less space than fat. The more fit you are, the healthier your heart. Any movement is good. While you're chatting on phone, walk around the house, park at the end of the parking lot. Avoid sitting for more than 30 minutes, get up walk around yard, house, etc. Lots of youtube exercise videos or you can dance all night (no one to see you or criticize you getting healthy).
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    There is no "fitting in" exercise. You either make time for it or you don't.
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    Can you find a mother & baby exercise group?
    They didn't exist here when mine were little but I've seen a lot more mentioned in fitness & health magazines in recent years. Walks in park, body weight exercise etc.