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Exercising at the Office

crisping16crisping16 Member Posts: 35 Member Member Posts: 35 Member
I've just started a new job where a significant amount of my time is now spent behind a desk. How do other office workers cope with this? How do you stay active throughout your shift? I'd really like to find ways to exercise while I'm here. I'm a restless person and all of this sitting is already driving me crazy.


  • chocolate_owlchocolate_owl Member Posts: 1,508 Member Member Posts: 1,508 Member
    1) If your company allows it, get a standing desk. Standing is better for you than sitting, and maybe you can fidget a little easier.
    2) Take 2-5 minute breaks every hour and walk around. Take the longest route possible to refill your water or coffee.
    3) Get a desk treadmill or under-desk bike.
    4) Bathroom squat challenge - every time you go to the bathroom, do 20 squats in the stall.
    5) I am really bad at all of the above, so I walk 2 miles on my lunch break.
  • minstrelofsarcasmminstrelofsarcasm Member Posts: 213 Member Member Posts: 213 Member
    I tend to drink a ton of water, and go to the furthest bathroom multiple times a day. I've found that helps quite a bit, and walking around usually results in me stretching and whatnot because I never realize just how much tension I carry in my body until I get up from my seat.
  • steveko89steveko89 Member Posts: 1,731 Member Member Posts: 1,731 Member
    The stand reminders are the only fitness-related function I use on my apple watch and it helps me hit those periodic breaks throughout the day. My work involves a good deal of phone and conference calls, COVID notwithstanding and it's not uncommon for me to walk or pace using my bluetooth headset.
  • Dogmom1978Dogmom1978 Member Posts: 914 Member Member Posts: 914 Member
    I also take a 2 mile walk on lunch when weather permits.
  • DancingMoosieDancingMoosie Member Posts: 6,026 Member Member Posts: 6,026 Member
    One of my coworkers got a standing desk and one got a foot pedal. It looks pretty funny if you can't see the pedals and you go in to talk to her! I just walk around when I can and go to a farther restroom. Before and after work workouts work best for me.
  • nanastaci2020nanastaci2020 Member Posts: 710 Member Member Posts: 710 Member
    You can get a riser - to go on top of your desk - for under $200 on Amazon. Depending on the size you need. Can convert any desk to a standing desk.

    I have worked a desk job for years. Thinking about getting an under desk treadmill but it will require much research as company won't buy it for me!

    I walk or run in the morning before going to work. I'm very fortunate to have a small fitness center in my building, and I honestly may be the only one using it these days. I get in some strength training at lunch.
  • crisping16crisping16 Member Posts: 35 Member Member Posts: 35 Member
    Thank you guys so much for your suggestions! This is really helpful
  • busyPKbusyPK Member Posts: 3,691 Member Member Posts: 3,691 Member
    I work behind a desk in a small office (1 copier, 1 bathroom, no stairs, etc). I get up at least 3 times a day and go outside and walk around the parking lot for at least 5 minutes. I bring my phone, set my timer and try and walk fast. My home is very close to my office so I'm also able to go home over lunch and take my dog on a short walk.
  • Diatonic12Diatonic12 Member Posts: 8,539 Member Member Posts: 8,539 Member
    Tread lightly when working out in the office. The boss and other coworkers might find it a distraction. It's the downside of working in an office. Use your breaks to do everything on your own terms. Take the stairs if you can but watch those tenured coworkers before you start working out in the office. When in Rome.
  • jiujitsudad15118jiujitsudad15118 Member Posts: 358 Member Member Posts: 358 Member
    Michael Scott would be into it. Dwight definitely would too! I say go for it!!
  • MaltedTeaMaltedTea Member, Premium Posts: 3,057 Member Member, Premium Posts: 3,057 Member
    When I briefly worked in an office, I would...
    * take the stairs always
    * rented a car park about a km away
    * offered to deliver heavy packages from the multiple mail carriers who came throughout the day to whomever it was addressed to (also, I don't think the receptionist looked forward to having to do it 😂).

    This last one also gave me regular access to everyone in the office from C-suite on down. A lot of opportunities can open up that way...just saying 🤷🏿‍♀️
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