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Male 48: Finally after a decade have perfected my weight loss

gregcaultgregcault Member Posts: 36 Member Member Posts: 36 Member
When you get older it gets harder and harder to lose weight but now I have finally done it the healthy way.

Age 48 From 228lbs to 200lbs and still going strong after 3 months, here is what worked for ME.
Working from home, only exercise is walking the dog for 40 mins and some upper body exercise (little).

Step 1) First I eradicate all the heavy carbs, potatoes, rice, etc. This is the hardest part and you need a long weekend to do it because you CRASH hard when you do it.

Step 2) Medication. If you need it. I used Zyban, not for quitting smoking which I did a while ago, but just to prevent anxious eating. My doc was fine with using it for this purpose.

Step 3) What to drink. Ideally water with lemon/lime but I just can't do that full time, so I cheat with Coke ZERO and while not "good for me" it is what I needed to be "happy".

Step 4) No alcohol. I already gave up drinking before the diet so I was fine there, but it is key to not drink at all.

Step 5) The healthy diet gets the food down to the basics. Here is for me Male 48 over 200lbs 6' tall, broad frame, adjust for your own gender, height, weight, frame size.

1 coffee, cream and sugar. Walk the dog

12pm lunch and 2pm finish it off (two sittings):
1 full iceberg lettuce.
2 hand full of tomatoes.
1 hand full of carrots.
1 english cucumber
1 avocado.
lots of mayonaisse (low fat)
1 protein 500g chicken or 400g salmon or 350g steak or 450g pork etc. I usually share some with my wife and dog.
I just salt and pepper it, pan fry, add minced garlic to one side, flip and cook medium rare, slice and add to the salad.
3pm to 8pm:
Fresh fruit or canned fruit in water or Natures Valley granola bars (sweet and salty) as needed when I get hungry.
Basically one main salad based meal for day + healthy snacks the rest. That salad is BIG, its a huge baking bowl in size (like a small bucket) but since it is salad and vegetables + some meat its not huge on calories, but it fills your stomach. Obviously you need to adjust the ingredient amount to your size.

What is great is that pretty much EVERY day I lose weight, usually 0.1kg and 2lbs per week for over 3 months. There was definitely a plateau time as my body adjusted getting energy from carbs to getting energy from the protein.

Effectively it is intermittent fasting since you don't eat again for 16 hours. If you had a cheat day and ate too much, just delay your huge lunch the next day as long as you can to make up for it. The later your lunch is, the less snacks you need to finish the day.
I know if I go to bed with just a tiny bit hungry then I have had a perfect day.

Occasionally you have a night where you are super hungry and maybe eat a block of cheese or something. I've had that but usually means that you were deficient by too many calories and its fine, I actually don't gain weight because of it.

Over the 3 months I've had maybe 2 "fasting days". This really kick starts the body and I just suffer being hungry and don't eat all day.

In general its not really even a diet, its just burning more calories than you spend BUT those calories you consume are *kitten* healthy ones. Not all calories are the same...

Thats it, if it helps just one other person then it was worth posting.


  • nexangelusnexangelus Member Posts: 1,961 Member Member Posts: 1,961 Member
    So MFP is about calorie and macro logging/ many cals are you eating per day @gregcault ?
  • gregcaultgregcault Member Posts: 36 Member Member Posts: 36 Member
    Its changed as I lost weight but I burn naturally around 2200, the lunch is 800 for fried protein, around 300 for the rest of the salad. Then I'll have 200 in fruit, 450 with 3 granola bars so 1750 but I don't weigh it any more so it could be 1750 or it could be 1950, some evenings I'll binge 600 calories if my body says I'm hungry. But that never made a difference.
  • gregcaultgregcault Member Posts: 36 Member Member Posts: 36 Member
    Diatonic12 wrote: »
    Yes, you can and I'm not trying to rain on your parade. Really. You said the keywords. You've perfected it.
    You've been at it for 3 months. Come back 5 years from now and give us a full report.
    Sounds like for you nobodys experience is valid unless they died with that weight loss lol.

  • Chef_BarbellChef_Barbell Member Posts: 5,854 Member Member Posts: 5,854 Member
    It's good to find what works for you in the long term. Congrats OP
  • disastermandisasterman Member Posts: 742 Member Member Posts: 742 Member
    Nice work OP! I do think the key is to be open to continual adjustment in your nutrition plan. Thanks for sharing what works for you and maybe it will be useful to others.
  • Bluetail6Bluetail6 Member, Premium Posts: 950 Member Member, Premium Posts: 950 Member
    I am glad this is what is currently working for you. We each must forge our own path to weight loss. No judgement here. Thanks for sharing.
  • charmmethcharmmeth Member Posts: 541 Member Member Posts: 541 Member
    I am really glad this is working for you, @gregcault, but it would not work for me. I like my wine and my carbs too much, but also a good variety in my diet. I'm also in northern (ish) Europe so salad does not sound very appealing at thi time of year! Good luck with your journey, but as others have already suggested, don't feel you have failed if you need at some stage to adjust to a bit more dietary variety.
  • BobPulaskiBobPulaski Member Posts: 55 Member Member Posts: 55 Member
    I can see how this would work in the beginning stages of weight loss when a person has more to lose. I have to echo what some others here have shared and agree that this might be challenging to maintain long term. BUT, maybe he won't have to eat this way long term since once he reaches his goal he can take more liberties with "cheat" food.
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