New to lifting. Want some information

So I am pretty new to lifting weight. I have recently started StrongLift 5*5 as it seemed the least confusing one to me and I am seeing progress in lifts, overall strength and some back, bicep and shoulder gains partly due to I also am trying pull up progressions two days a week alongside Stronglift.

Today I have taken pictures and I realized I have a very poor as in saggy buttocks. Now I know I can/will definitely see some changes in it too with the programs. But I was just wondering, can I add one to two or more exercises that targets my lower body, especially glutes on the pull up progression days? Will it be too much? Should I follow what I am doing right now for another 8 weeks (I am around 4 weeks in Stronglift) and then change routine focused on glutes improvement or can I incorporate them now?

Also if yes, what are some glutes focused exercises I can add to it?

Thank you beforehand for taking your time to read through it.


  • heybales
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    To keep it simple for recovery - you could add some more lifts on the SL5x5 days (don't ruin a rest day by attempting then) after the main focus is done.

    Take a look at this site for glute focus.
  • cgvet37
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    You can throw in some glue work on your lifting days. Just make sure it doesn't affect your recovery. One exercise that I highly recommend is the hip thrust. It will help with your squat and deadlift as well. It really targets your glutes and hamstrings. Above all, it will take time. Squats are also great for your glutes.
  • LiftandSkate
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    Hip thrusts. Glute bridges. Hip thrusts. Glute bridges. More hip thrusts. More glute bridges.

    There are endless varieties, and I incorporate one into every single workout I do. Definitely check out the Bret Contreras link above. He is known as The Glute Guy for a reason!
  • ecjim
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    The change will come slowly - The muscle building is slow, The Strong Lifts is a good beginner program, I would run it for a while. You will be squatting 3X per week - keep working on adding weight as often as possible.
    After 3-4 months look at Strong Curves by Bret Contreras It's more glute focused. By then you should be squatting some weight for reps and make some great progress
  • Theoldguy1
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    Kettlebell swings are also fantastic.
  • Italiana_xx79
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    Hip thrusts. Glute bridges. Hip thrusts. Glute bridges. More hip thrusts. More glute bridges. <--- This! ;)
  • VeryKatie
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    I found SL not as effective for glutes and hams as I needed as well (im a bit unbalanced). I added good mornings to one of the lifting days. Weighted hip thrusts are good too. I haven't done it in a while though so I have no results to show.

    Good mornings are supposedly a bit more emphasis on hamstrings but they do still work glutes too.
  • CipherZero
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    I would strongly suggest running out the program first then focusing on whatever issues you think exist afterwards.