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A lot to lose and need some friends ☺

SayNoToCakesSayNoToCakes Member, Premium Posts: 16 Member Member, Premium Posts: 16 Member
Hi all,

I'm not exactly new here but I took a looong break and would really appreciate some new supportive friends.

A bit about me

I'm Dawn, I'm a 24 year old mum to three happy children.
I'm a second year law student.
I'm autistic and I do struggle with my mental health issues and self image issues. I would appreciate that those who wish to be my friend to be supportive and kind, I don't mind those being honest with me, sometimes I need a little extra push to get me going.

I have 8 stone to lose and I find that number very daunting but maybe with some good friends, it doesn't have to be as scary as it sounds.

I will support you through your own journey, I will root for your happiness but above all, I'll be a good friend.

Thank you


  • Chef_BarbellChef_Barbell Member Posts: 5,850 Member Member Posts: 5,850 Member
    Welcome back!
  • pipsqueak_hunniepipsqueak_hunnie Member Posts: 6 Member Member Posts: 6 Member
    Welcome back! I would like to be your friend and encourage you if you could help me as well. I am also on the spectrum and have some mental health issues so I can understand some of the struggle. You have a good mindset because each pound lost is a win and I believe you can do it!
  • watts6151watts6151 Member, Premium Posts: 769 Member Member, Premium Posts: 769 Member
    Welcome back, we all have our issues, good and bad, supporting each other in our journey is always helpful, feel free to add
    And good luck
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