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krismurphydckrismurphydc Member Posts: 23 Member Member Posts: 23 Member

Back at it again after two years away. Approaching 40 in one month and vowed to be at my goal weight by then. Unfortunately, I went the opposite way and have gained 30 pounds due to poor eating habits. Hoping that MFP can get me back on track like it has in the past. The beginning is always so hard. Cravings and bad habits can be hard to overcome. Looking to find encouragement and accountability.

CW: 235?
GW: 165


  • EML112610EML112610 Member Posts: 27 Member Member Posts: 27 Member
    Its covid weight, forgive yourself. Id LOVE to see the statistics on the average americans weight gain over the last seven months!!
  • elizabethherbergerelizabethherberger Member Posts: 10 Member Member Posts: 10 Member
    I am happy to be an accountability friend! I have also been on the weight roller coaster. This time I am determined to lose it and keep it off. I have lost 31 lbs since December—44 lbs to go. I will add you as a friend :)

    SW: 210
    CW: 178
    GW: 135
  • embluemblu Member Posts: 272 Member Member Posts: 272 Member
    Yep I'm ina similar boat, lost loads 2 yrs ago and have struggled to get back in gear. I'm 40 at Xmas and really don't want to fat at 40.
    Add me, my friend list is somewhat depleted since the heady days of slimmer me x
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