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19pops5519pops55 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
Hi everyone, I'm here because I got tired of buying clothes that fit rather than fitting into the clothes I have!! I tried a strict Keto diet but found it was way too restrictive and caused cramps n other not cool stuff. Plus I wasn't losing a lot of weight. So I decided to go to a more rounded diet that still watched carbs but also overall calories, fat, etc. In a week I lost 5lbs so I am excited to stay on course. This site seems like a great way to track my diet and progress so I'm looking forward to see how things go!


  • muszyngrmuszyngr Member Posts: 152 Member Member Posts: 152 Member
    welcome pops, how are you doing on liquids, are you drinking sodas, juices, milk, beers, wines?
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