Fitbit not syncing

Ciocic Posts: 1 Member
Has anyone resolved the issue of the Fitbit not syncing with my fitness pal


  • janejellyroll
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    There doesn't appear to be an open issue related to that right now.
  • EML112610
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    Ciocic wrote: »
    Has anyone resolved the issue of the Fitbit not syncing with my fitness pal
    ME! and im so annoyed!

  • PaulFrancis7878
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    Not fitbit but iphone. If I add an exercise the steps don't count anymore. Never did this before that I can remember.
  • marfurn
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    I've had sync issues too and it's really frustrating.
    I've had my Fitbit for about a month and it has never synced automatically.
    The only way it syncs is if I disconnect the Fitbit App from My Fitness Pal on my computer and then reconnect it again. On my Android, I can't even disconnect and reconnect as that doesn't work. So I have to wait until I am on my computer to disconnect and reconnect and even then, it will sync only the steps for that day, which means I have to manually do this every single day.
    I really don't want to have to do this every evening when it should sync automatically all day.
  • manderson27
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    I have charge 3 and have had it for over a year and it syncs with both the fitbit dashboard and MFP so far every day but I use the MFP website on my laptop not sure if that makes any difference. Sorry I know not much help. But perhaps it demonstrates that these issues seem to be individual to the fitbit owner rather than a general sync problem with MFP.
  • durden
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    Hi alll- There are no current issues with our overall Fitbit integration, so if you're having an issue it is specific to your account, and therefore our support team is going to be your best resource to resolve that.

    To reach our support team for assistance, please visit or email directly to [email protected]

    I hope that helps!