Trying to get healthy!

Hi. My name is Tim. I am joining this community to help assist me in reversing my diabetes diagnosis. I have to get better. I did this to my self and now its up to me to undo it. I can and will!


  • HeidiCooksSupper
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    Hi, Tim. You may or may not erase your diagnosis but you will certainly improve the status of your Type II diabetes through weight loss and exercise and will greatly diminish, if not eliminate, the likelihood of ugly side effects like neuropathy, organ damage, and, eventually, limb loss, blindness, etc.

    If you are young and your diagnosis is sudden, you are more likely to totally reverse it than if you are like me -- old and got here slowly. Still in all, in 3 months I went from a A1C of 9 to 6.5 simply by losing weight and walking for exercise. I also take the drugs as prescribed and keep my carbohydrates at less than 40% of calories/day.

    You can and you will -- just as you said!