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Struggling to gain weight

kxngnxsakxngnxsa Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
Hi, I’m a 19 years old female, I’m 6ft tall my weight is currently around 65kg; my body fat is 17%...which is low for my height and isn’t healthy, I was lower a couple months back as I was going through depression but I’m trying to gain it back. I was 72kg and my body fat was roughly 22% around then. This year has been rough on me but I’m hoping to help myself recover. I eat around 1-2 times a day or sometimes i just snack throughout the day. I try eating more but I really struggle it feels like I’m forcing it down, I have such a small appetite and I start feeling like I’m about to throw up. Ive started going to the gym. Im mainly focusing on getting my legs and glutes bigger. Anyone have any tips ?


  • sardelsasardelsa Member Posts: 9,772 Member Member Posts: 9,772 Member
    Sorry you are going through a rough time.

    This thread has some great tips on how to eat more as well as foods to help

    I would take it slow. Don't increase your calories too quickly. I know it can be frustrating to go to slow but it can take time for your hunger and stomach to adjust to more food and once you get used to it, it gets easier.
    Find food and recipes you really enjoy eating. For example I love pasta and I can eat a lot so I have pasta almost everyday when I'm trying to gain, add protein source, oil, cheese, the calories add up. Also bagels are great they are calorie dense and you can add canned/smoked salmon or eggs.

    If you still find yourself really struggling then liquid calories. Full fat milk, juices, smoothies all can pack in the calories and they go down fairly easily.

    Good luck

  • nanastaci2020nanastaci2020 Member Posts: 770 Member Member Posts: 770 Member
    My daughter (age 20, had a baby 5 months ago) is having trouble also in that many foods she finds unappetizing, and she's continued to lose weight to the point where she does not WANT to lose more. She has started buying nutrition drinks/shakes at the grocery store to boost her calories. Don't look in the 'diet' section, as you want MORE calories and the diet section is aiming at less. She found a 6 pack of strawberry drinks for 350 calories each. She drinks 1-2 each day in addition to meals she eats.

    And for the meals you eat, aim for calorie dense food. Salmon, avocado, full fat dairy for examples.
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  • johdihalejohdihale Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
    I'm 22. Im going through the same feelings. Very low appetite & a really uncomfortable sensation when chewing & swallowing most foods. I ordered Fortisip drinks off Amazon, they're a little expensive but give me 300 calories for my breakfast & then I'm just working on eating as best as I can through out the day. I've found that high calorie crisps, soft cheese like Dairy Lea triangle's and sugary drinks are quite good. I'm 5ft5" & weight 50kg which is terrible in my opinion & the dietician refused to even give me a consultation so I'm trying to gain atleast 8kg all on my own with not much money so I really do sympathise with you. I wish you all the best in your journey to gain weight! xxx
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