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    Hope everyone's Sunday is/was serene and peaceful,

    Egg is on my lap purring, curled into a ball. I'm sitting here "talking" to all of you, with the muted sounds of the washer and dryer running a few rooms away, as I get all the bedding cleaned this morning. The heating system just whooshed on, making me feel warm and safe.

    Can hear the sound of the rain on the roof, too - which after so many years of living in the desert prior to this will always be a happy sound for me. If it weren't for all the ambient domesticity wrapped around me, I'm sure I could hear my husband snoring as well. Early mornings make me happier than I probably deserve.

    Found this science article on people's search for the meaning of life that really resonated with me this weekend, as well. Thought someone might enjoy it.

    Have a lovely rest of your weekend, my friends,
    Lisa in AR
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    Morning ladies
    I am awake but slept horriblely.
    These bedsareny great for the back..im looking forward to a shower. And we shall aee when they spring me.. i want to akse sure i can get sleep.apnea covered up this time because i would have to fir out another 4500.00
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    Machka - The dress is lovely and will suit you perfectly. :D I also like that they didn’t use a stick thin model. I have, in the past, written emails to companies who advertise using anorexic models. Quite horrible. I stopped using one of my favourite brands because of it.

    Gluteal tendinopathy still bothersome. Worse first thing in the morning. I found myself using an old phrase of my mother’s - "Eeee, It's agony, Ivy!" I looked it up and found it was from an old radio show. :D
    That led me to research a whole lot of old catchphrases from radio and TV. Had enormous fun delving back into yesteryear.

    Washed my hair instead of the yoga portion of my exercises. Party to avoid exacerbating the injury. I'm going to do weights sitting down. Will put face on for the Zoom. <3

    Love to all, Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    "Get to do"s and "chose well"s
    Chose well: take BP
    Bonus: Shadow stroll with T
    Get to do: take BP, dogs to powerline, livestream church, email info to grantwriter, watch STAS Day 18 (go sniff), submit grant pics and receipts, test Bluetooth speaker so can do BB&B or T’ai Chi from voice recordings, make experimental almond paste, make cookie batter for when Aunt Elsie’s stove is working, declutter sideboard, practice new dances (I ain’t never gonna love nobody but Cornell Crawford (Alley cat), A Little Less Broken, One margarita, I’m so used to being broke, All Night, Sleeping with the Devil, Nothing but You, Blame it on my beating heart, Homesick); finish mulching flowerbed; broadcast cover crop seed in veg garden areas, invest another 10 minutes in prepping living trust, Freddie’s for complete series TDAP <$48, get Shingrix vaccine, find and configure a screen time popup, figure out where to plant naked lady bulbs, and soon as it warms up above 50 and dries out below 60% humidity I’ll tape and spray paint those rusted areas of Aunt Elsie’s stove. Reward: inventory seeds, plan next year’s garden, wishlist replenishments
    New Ways November
    28: Join a friend doing their hobby and find out why they love it: Ask T next time we stroll

    Lisa what an accomplishment in a bit less than three years. VERY well done! Holding good thoughts for the meds to do their jobs.
    Fae Good one!
    Heather, hooray for Johnny’s negotiating skills! Trust he was duly rewarded ;)
    Carol, agree. At this age I prefer gifts of experiences or consumeables, not things. Hard as Joe is really the only one who gifts me and he doesn’t enjoy any of the experiences I would if we could (dancing, restaurants, movies, museums). One year I insisted he go with me to T’ai Chi summer session for a Christmas Gift. I really enjoyed that but couldn’t get him to do it again ;} Hmm, you’ve got me thinking. Maybe I’ll ask for a couple of road day trip picnics for Christmas. Something we could do with the dogs and despite the pandemic. Hmmm…
    Pip Hope your mom will share her mole method with you.
    Annie did your Mom ever go through a period of not enough to eat? Could you shift some of the goods from the overpacked 3rd freezer into the fourth so she doesn’t see it as almost empty? ((hugs))
    Betsy “…I have to believe lighter times are coming in 2021” Amen, sister amen.
    Katla “… a red-letter year…”
    fc7o3qj9qbfe.png A “good excuses” exchange is a brilliant idea! “…there is no cell phone coverage where we are so I missed your call/invite. Sorreee!”
    oh yeah
    Rita it can be hard to let people know how they hurt your feelings in a constructive and loving way. Good for you for protecting your boundaries despite being yelled at. imho that feedback is needful or nothing improves. Hope your DD on further consideration will “get it.” Brava!
    Lanette “… need to get my old excuses dusted off for next year…” From your mouth to …
    Michele safe travels all the way home.
    Rebecca :love: how you live your life these days. Brava for lifting the veil of confusion, brava!
    Barbie “If someone gives me a gift, I thank them. I do not give a gift in return nor do I feel guilty for receiving without giving. I assume that the gift was given for a kind or loving reason and not to make me feel bad.” Of all your many wise sayings, this one really hit home. Thank you!
    SuziQ I started the day with carbs, and that’s the way the day went. Enjoyed the stroll chat, indulged in the caramel coffee, cronut and popcorn. No protein, no fruit, no veggies. But logging showed CI<CO and I’ll bet the scale goes down tomorrow. Go figure!
    Machka YES to that dress. YesYesYES!
    Debbie sweet of you to keep in contact with ex-inlaws. Good luck with the new cats and the tree!
    Beth when I was a little girl we used to watch the prizefights on TV (can still sing the Gillette commercial). But now, :noway: it just doesn’t appeal. Especially not Mike Tyson.
    Charsuzy Michele will give you LOTS of ideas, she’s an “exerciser bunny” with a different DVD or two every day.
    Allie ((hugs)) the bed and shower situation sound doggoned uncomfortable on top of the post-op pain. ((hugs))

    Lighter, lovelies!

    f8qt1s098sxm.gifBarbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD
    November: better than October.
    daily: sit with Joe: 24, weigh: 28, steps>5491=7321 vits=27 log=28 CI<CO=24 CI<250<CO=14 Tumble & Shadow 5=27 mfp=28 outside=24 up hill=23
    wkly: T’ai Chi or BB&B x3 =0 rx=4 dance=2 clean 30 mins=20.25
    mnthly: board mtg=1 grant=1 20for20=0
    bonus: AF=18 play=0 sew=0
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    Hi All,
    Thanks for letting me join. Lovely to read all your messages.
    I’m talking from a chilly damp Republic of Ireland! Preparing for Christmas here and feeling sluggish as no weight loss for most of this month. Lost 37lbs since June so over halfway to my goal and want to take a break over Christmas. Disappointed that loss has slowed this month.
    Any motivation appreciated 😊
    Well done for all you have achieved and Happy Thanksgiving ❤️
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    Machka - The dress is lovely and will suit you perfectly. :D I also like that they didn’t use a stick thin model. I have, in the past, written emails to companies who advertise using anorexic models. Quite horrible. I stopped using one of my favourite brands because of it.

    Love to all, Heather UK xxxxxxxx

    The dress shop where I got it caters to larger women. They have stock that suits sizes 12 -24 so they do use larger models, at least a size 12! In this case, the model is a size 14 (they say in the notes about the dress). This shop also tends to stock clothing with "curves" ... cut for hourglass shaped women.

    I'm about an Australian 18 right now, although I vary a bit. I think this chart is about right for comparison. And I'm a "curvy" hourglass.


    Machka in Oz
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    Wow, its November 29th. It is hard for me to put my head around the fact the year is almost over. I typically feel as if I have done a lot and nothing when I look back at the year.

    Debbie – So happy you heard from FFIL. What a great deal on the bagged salads!

    Beth – Your story of the rappers cracked me up. You should have taken a picture! Sending positive thoughts the test comes back negative.

    Machka – I love the dress! It is perfect and is wearable for many events/days. I decided upon the HP Envy. My decision was based upon processing power, memory, and ease of use. It took me less than 20 minutes to set up and begin using it. If I had my way I probably would have gotten a MS Surface. With the “point limitation” the Surface I could select was not as powerful. The only issue I have found so far is the placement of the control key. I keep hitting the function key which is driving me crazy!!

    Katla – There are rumors the truck drivers are going on strike to protect the election (not getting political here – just relating what I heard). So, the madness starts again. I also think people are starting to freak out over the numbers and are afraid of additional lock downs. While I understand people and their need to make sure they have food I do not understand their fascination with toilet paper!!

    Lisa – Your Sunday sounds perfect to me.

    Allie – Sorry you are not sleeping well. I think you’re wise to make sure to get everything checked out while you are there. Total tune up! Sending positive thoughts to you.

    Heather – I agree. Advertisers need to use real people bodies. I am so sorry you’re still dealing with the glut issue.

    Barbara – I am afraid if I used that excuse people would ask me where I was and I would have to come up with a story. Easier for me to say I cannot make it.

    Jacqui – Welcome.

    Today is my last vacation day and I am fighting the urge to check email. I keep telling myself it can wait until tomorrow. It is the organizer in me. I think I will do some meal prep and cooking for the week. That way meals will be organized, and I will not have to think about what I will eat during the week.

    I hope everyone has had or is having a wonderful Sunday.
    SuziQ – SFL
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    Allie my mom had afib and terrible sleep apnea that aggravated it, so I agree the treatment should be covered because it should help with your afib. My mom took a pill for her afib. You could tell when she missed a dose. She was diagnosed in her 80's and lived to 98. She wanted to travel with me but I knew I could not share a room with her. Her snoring was horrible. I wish now I had paid for a separate room and taken a trip with her.
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    I bought an HP laptop last summer and I really love the way the keys feel. Great improvement over my previous cheapo model.

    I have been on MFP for well over a year, and I am down five pounds from start. I still eat for comfort, like yesterday worrying about my mom. I had several cookies. Gotta work on that,

    Annie in Delaware
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    csofled wrote: »

    M - love the dress. It can easily be dressed up or down. Really nice

    Charsuzie - Barbara is right. I have over 200 exercise DVD. At home I have 3lb weights (I really don't use them much but they came with a yoga tape a long time ago so I just kept them)) 2, 5, and 10lb weights, a balance ball, step and 4 risers, mini trampoline, bosu. Need to get home to take a picture of it. We have a recumbent bike but I try to avoid buying machines only because they take up a lot of room

    I don't think Kentucky believes in rest areas. Thank goodness for Tennessee welcome center...lol

    Michele nc
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    Happy Saturday Katla :-) I know for all Lee's vitamins, I go to Rite Aid because they have the buy one get one free deal. I buy Nature Made and Rite Aid brands for the most part. Currently we take the same multi vitamin, calcium, and magnesium pills so that is convenient. He also takes Vitamin D, and a chewable Vitamin C. It's hard to believe that I have been his self proclaimed Pill Queen 6 years now. That is 278 weeks I have been measuring, organizing!
    Have a good day!

    Rebecca I’m like you as far as DH. If I didn’t organize and dish out his meds/vitamins every week, he wouldn’t take them. I split mine between morning and night, but I’m lucky if he takes his daily!!

    RV Rita
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    KJ I spend many a winter day wearing Yaktrax cleats when I delivered packages. I would wear out a pair a week during bad ice. Great ideas you have on gifts. I quit giving gifts at Christmas when fake grandnieces got older and my yearly gift of affordable matching PJ's they liked was no longer cool. They wanted designer matching PJ's priced for royalty. I still do birthdays, but no end of the year gifting because it is expected.

    M in Oz I agree on the dress. That would be great for the grad or any special dressy occasion.

    Terri I had to look up "caution" in British slang. The only slang meaning I knew of "caution" was in High School when boys would say among themselves a girl was a caution if they might get their hands slapped for attempting to touch forbidden places. I like the British meaning also.

    Michele Katla Barbara Thanks for the compliments.

    Katla I once had 3 Alberta spruce in my front yard that I decorated every holiday season. They were needing shaping and the guy that did it, messed up and cut too far back and they had brown spots so I finally removed them. The biggest one was 12 feet high and took 6 long strands of lights to do.

    Barbara I was mostly a saver most of my life and old age has made me a withdrawer. I do look like a stagecoach robber in my turtleneck mask top.

    DrKatie I am just the opposite of you. I need lighter color bottoms and darker tops. I am surprised so many women don't realize that dark colors are thinning and lighter can show more size. I need to buy some lighter color skirts. It would do wonders helping my narrow hips look wider.

    Heather It is much too cold here for paddleboarders or kite surfers. I do see a few Kayakers all wrapped up. I have a good friend that loves Kayaking on lakes as they start freezing in the winter and breaking up in the spring. I once loved water sports, but never in cold weather. I did love ice skating on frozen ponds.

    Allie Consider clinical hypnosis for sleep apnea. You can start by placing your tongue between your front teeth before you fall asleep. This is what the suggestion will train you to do. If your tongue is forward, it won't be back in your throat, so NO sleep apnea. I tossed my BiPAP that was a converter CPAP. Thousands of dollars for something that never worked, plus all the mess keeping it sanitary. 5 sessions of hypnosis, 500 dollars, and the problem solved.

    SuzieQ The main reason I didn't do a Cornish hen, was I didn't want to put in my dentures. It was easier to crop up the flat chicken tenderloin. Your photo made me wish I had done a Cornish and put in dentures and spend a half-hour removing the denture glue. I have two implants and wish I could afford 4 more for the top so no more glue or gagging when they loosen.

    Barbie I wish I could walk in low lighting, but with my vestibular nerve loss my balance and visual perception are off badly in low light, so chances are I would stumble over an uneven sidewalk or just miss stepping down off a curb. I once loved walking and seeing holiday lights. Very few decorate around here anymore. We had a couple of years when the Antifa types went around tearing down anything celebrating the holidays. I gave it up outside except for my old awesome lighted snowman. I hate blowups! I do a bit inside and have a few old classic Thomas Kinkade creations I treasure.

    Mexican food My area has many traditional cooks from Mexico. Traditional home-style Mexican food is not hard to find, but only one cook does my favorite Talapia in hot garlic sauce and traditional Chili Rellenos as good as you will find anywhere, if not the best. The best churros for me are made from recipes from Andalucia and dipped in heavy dark chocolate syrup. I add a bit of Pimenton to mine and heavy on the cinnamon. I add Pimenton to about everything. My favorite cook is also a master of moles. So many places have visible fat and flour in their sauces. His are smooth as can be and his Tres Enchiladas smothered in red, yellow, and green sauce are so amazing. I always get them in pollo and he adds flavors inside each one that goes with the color of the sauce.

    Rita I always have a listening ear so post as you need. The holidays are hard for many of us.

    My favorite food is Spanish Andalucian and I could live on tapas while listening to flamenco. I do like the old Mariachi and play some of the old classics on my guitar.

    Just a quick note that I miss a lot of posts due to my eyes not tracing right and if I fail to answer or respond to anyone, it isn't intentional. I reviewed the last 5 pages 3 times and found something I missed previously with each review.

    Fae attempting to catchup while bowing to the marathon winner SuzieQ

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    Today just a snoozer, my body is tired
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    pipcd34 wrote: »
    Sad day. Learned cousin passed yesterday morning, not unexpected, a blessing really, he’d been on hospice and was in a lot of pain. But thanks to C-19 this is the first time I haven’t gone to St. Louis to be with family after a death in over 30 years.

    Then had farewell stroll with B who’s moving away Tuesday. Had a little cry in the car on the way home.

    Then got call from recently, suddenly, unexpectedly widowed dear friend who has to put her 10 year old dog to sleep tomorrow.

    2020 has been the worst year for me since 2005, are we done with it yet?

    Tina Sounds like the ER is where you need to be to get help. ((hugs)) Hope you get quick relief!

    Lighter, lovelies!

    Barbara - Sorry about your cousin. :-(

    2020 has been the second worst year of my life as a whole, but it's very close.

    My mother's best friend passed away yesterday. My heart was gutted for her.

    My ER Trip:
    I did go to the ER, but alas, there is "Nothing we can do unless you're in hemorrhagic shock." Well I guess it's good I wasn't in that condition. In any case, I have to "live with it" for now. I have an appt. with a specialist on Friday. It needs to end. I cannot leave my house for more than a few minutes. I cannot exercise. Can't even bend over without getting light headed. I can't be in the kitchen long enough at one time to make dinner. I'm slightly anemic. I am taking iron supplements, but I think they cannot keep up. I am losing weight faster than is probably healthy.

    However, in the midst of all of this, I managed to find a very short window of time to buy a new car. I did most of the negotiating before I went there and made it clear that it needed to be quick. It still took far too long, but with the mister's help, I managed. I hope for it to be the last car I need until I move away from the U.S.

    It makes me sad that some of you have tense relationships with your children or that it seems they don't cherish you enough to call. I don't want to imagine my parents not being around and I try to keep in touch with them regularly.

    I think my biological clock was broken long ago, if it ever worked at all. I hear that really exists, but I never felt a physiological need to have children. So navigating that stressful stuff you all are dealing with is something I guess I'm happy not to have.

    Gifts -- I stopped giving Christmas gifts as a rule, long ago. My siblings have done more than their shares to help over-populate the earth. Not that I mind in this case, because I adore each and every one of their children. But, there are so many kids that I cannot afford to give them gifts regularly. If I see something I think they will like, I do buy it, but it usually isn't something expensive. I do give them gifts for middle school and high school graduations and if they come to visit me, they get massively spoiled. Some of them are old enough to do that now and I am extremely happy about that.

    The mister and I usually take a trip for holidays. We take trips any time we have the chance. We don't need or want stuff. We have been doing a purge to get rid of stuff.


    P.S. My mom just messaged me that her cousin crashed his airplane yesterday too. *sigh* It seems he's going to be OK, but geez.
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    barbiecat wrote: »
    :)Rita feeling guilty is a waste of energy and cuts you off from the sunlight of life. When you start to feel guilty, tell your head to "shut up"

    :) After years of going out to lunch once a month with members of one of my line dance classes, I realized that I didn't like going so I told them that it just wasn't fun for me. In other situations, I say that I am not available. I give no explanation of why.

    <3 Barbie from NW WA

    I think just politely declining is enough. My friends don't ask questions or make me feel guilty for it.

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    Happy Sunday ladies!

    Popping in here to show my favorite excuse for not going anywhere/doing "stuff" with others:

    When I retired, I wondered what I'd do with myself so kept on with Master Gardeners and took a slot on the advisory board for the local Area Agency on Aging (AAA) for a couple years.

    The MG's then became embroiled in a sexual harassment allegation that divided the membership and caused hard feelings. (Turned out it was not substantiated but the harm was done) I was on the periphery but didn't like the atmosphere in the group after that. A shame, really. So I left.

    AAA got a new Exec Director - actually super nice and well-qualified gal, but she had a big learning curve and to me, the direction of the advisory group was allowed to go astray from the By-Laws and I felt it was a waste of my time. Plus I didn't like the drive in the winter time and other tasks (pressure to lobby at the state legislature = NOT for me!) so I resigned in hopes the County Commissioners could find someone else for the position who wanted to do these things.

    And part of the reason, too, was I wasn't comfortable leaving my DH for long periods of time. Partly because of his health but mostly because I wanted to just spend time around the house! Be in charge of my time and available to help him around here with outside chores.

    I zipped into town this morning (foggy drive) and stopped at Walmart and then Safeway. Wallyworld had LOTS of toilet paper and wasn't busy at all. Safeway also nearly empty at 8 am. Perfecto.

    Sun is out, waiting to hear from my walking partner. Make it a great Sunday!

    Lanette B)
    SW WA State