I need to try. Bpd, MS. You are loved.

I have just started on here. Today is my first day of trying to eat healthier on a low carb diet. I made a mistake already but im going to keep trying. On sep29th this year I found out I have Multiple Sclerosis just days after my 27th birthday. I struggle to use my legs but ive been trying hard for the past 3 and a half weeks to use the elliptical. Week 1 i did 10 minutes. Week 2 I did 15 minutes. Week 3 I did 20 minutes and currently in week 4 im doing 25 minutes. I don't pedal hard-core, if anything I use it to just move and to feel greatful I can use my legs instead of focusing on the calories burned. I take mood stabilisers and since starting them my weight has been steadily rising. My goal is to get healthier and hopefully lighter to lessen the weight my legs have to carry. Im hopeful. Im scared. I need to change. Im trying to stay positive but it gets hard. Im sending out my love and encouragement to anyone that may need a little or alot. You matter, you deserve happiness.


  • MaltedTea
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    Welcome to the MFP forums, Kay! 👋🏿

    You're putting in a lot of great work despite the recent diagnosis!

    May I suggest - if you haven't already - keeping in touch with any local/regional MS Society or similar organization? They may have other physical and social activity tips, events, etc for you to consider as well.
  • KaySSue
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    Thankyou xx and hello 👋. Thankyou for that suggestion. I will check that out. Im struggling to navigate everything so I appreciate your advice alot. Thankyou 💗
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    @KaySSue we all struggle sometimes and make mistakes and you are no exception. Credit to you for wanting to get healthier. Make a plan, stick to it. If you make a mistake, regroup and move forward. Above everything, be kind to yourself. Getting healthy is a lot of hard work. Good luck sister.
  • sandypoint1267
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    You are doing great. Slow and steady progress is so important. Do not be too hard on yourself.
  • KaySSue
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    Thankyou so much for your kind words i appreciate that alot. Always moving forward 💪x .
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    Welcome! You are dealing with a lot and I admire you for working to get healthier. We are human and make mistakes. The key is recognizing them and learning from them. You have done a great job increasing your time on the eliptical.
    I love your closing line "You matter, you deserve happiness."
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    Makes my problems seems insignificant to yours
    I wish you well, try and keep stress at bay and concentrate on yourself
    Also try and watch your diet which is going to be trial and error, but if you put in the effort you will see results.
    Just found out that my A1C is 6.1 - too high - so now I am focusing on losing at least 10 lbs between now and end November
    I know I can do it and will do whatever it takes to get this down to at least 5 for my betterment
    Good luck