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angciex4500angciex4500 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
I have started to maintain due to losing 21kg over 10 months and I have been adding 100 calories from 2 weeks ago, so I’ve added 200 already, from 1550 to 1750 calories a day and when I have done a weekly weigh in I have seen a 0.6kg weight increase! I am really stressing about this and was wondering if there is any advice that anyone can give me regarding this. Should i stay at 1750 calories for 2/3 weeks rather than 1 week to see if that helps and if I gain weight after the first week or shall I carry on and only stop at my maintenance calories. I do not want to gain weight I want to maintain my 53-54kg max weight as I understand that I will gain a few pounds due to an increase in food but I’ve been 2 weeks nearly and I’ve gained over half a kg.


  • charmmethcharmmeth Member Posts: 636 Member Member Posts: 636 Member
    I weigh daily for exactly this reason: I want to see how things are varying and to be able to look at trends. My weight can vary by 1kg or more from day to day, and my rolling seven day averages over the past few weeks show quite a lot of variance too. Here they are since the beginning of November (in kg): 77.00, 76.84, 76.79, 76.86, 76.96, 77.07, 77.24, 77.24, 77.29, 77.31, 77.16, 77.06, 77.04, 76.90, 76.81, 76.71, 76.63. I am actually still losing, but it really didn't feel like it last week!
    Once I have an average at around 75.5 kg I shall switch to maintenance (aiming at present for 75kg +/- 2.5 kg). I think I am going to add the whole 500 cals at once and see what happens. Once I have a sense of whether that is my maintenance, I shall think about my maintenace level and might aim to lose a bit more to maintain at 72kg +/- 2.5kg.
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