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Guess the name of this poem

teemix1teemix1 Member Posts: 18 Member Member Posts: 18 Member
When I was young I would write poems about things I was thinking about. Haven't wrote one in years but today I felt like doing one, its basic and wont win any prizes but tell me what you think and can you guess the title of it

I love you , I hate you
I never know what to expect
Will you show me kindness
Or just all my regrets

Some days you tell me I did good
Some days you tell me I did bad
I will call you my friend on those days you make me happy
This friendship we have can also make me sad

Day to day I work my Butt off
I count calories for every morsel I eat
Once in awhile you show reward
But most of the time its only defeat

You can make or break the kind of day I will have
My happiness so much depends on you
But most of the time you make me hate myself
I shouldn't trust you so much, but I do

Seems like everywhere I go weight matters
I am judged by so many if I am thin or fat
It gets harder every day to see you
I will continue this painful friendship as 'fat is not where its at'

My existence depends on you
So be kind to me
I am tired of being 'the fat one'
I just hope someday you will show me what I want to see


  • northviewvintagenorthviewvintage Member Posts: 1,541 Member Member Posts: 1,541 Member
    I like it! I'd call it Her Bathroom Mirror...
    Here's one I wrote when I was in my 20s:
    Guess the title, haha

    It's all about the A + 2B
    Or maybe the meat and three
    But I'd just like one nice, juicy steak
    Instead of that beef jerky
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