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One the boards we often comment on the components of scale weight, namely that lean mass and body fat don't vary tremendously from day to day but that hydration accounts for most of the daily fluctuation (for several possible reasons). Another variable mentioned is food in transit. I had my first colonoscopy today (yay- not really), and I'm anal retentive enough (heh) to have hopped on the scale this morning to see what impact the prep had. DH opined that I was pumped full of liquid so I might see a gain (or obfuscation of the true weight of food in transit). Well, here is N=1 for ya. I weighed 2.5lb less than the low end of my last couple weeks range (I'm maintaining, so it's been hovering in a steady range vs. trending one direction or another). More than I thought! Kinda shocked, actually. Probably a lot of that was fluid loss, given the mechanism of the prep. For those of you who geek out on numbers occasionally, I'm interested in your experiences/perspectives. Apologies if it is TMI. I might be teetering over the edge on that.


  • briscogun
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    ...and the number of colonoscopies by MFP members doubled just like that! ;)
  • jettaptl
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    I had a colonoscopy about three years ago (I have ulcerative colitis and the colonoscopy confirmed it).

    Now I wish I had weighed myself before and after the prep.
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    Anyone here who says they didn’t weigh is a big fat fibber.

    Using “fat” in the sorta morally judgmental but not that other kinda judgmental way.
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    Now I kind of want to get a colonoscopy. JK, I’m good without one 😜
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    September 25 this year.

    Morning at start of main prep day: 127.0 lbs
    Morning of procedure: 126.2
    Morning after procedure: 126.8

    Side note: Day after those above, 125.2. FWIW, I've heard that some of the colonoscopy prep prescriptions are high sodium, and personally I do drink a lot (mostly water, some juice as allowed) on the prep day.

    I've literally seen people here (usuallly in beginner-ish threads) welcoming their upcoming colonoscopy because "at least they'll lose weight". 😬, for several reasons.
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    Here's a write up of my biggest scale fluctuation; no colonoscopy though.