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2021 Handstand Challenge - or just January if a year is too daunting

TiisTitaniumTiisTitanium Member Posts: 228 Member Member Posts: 228 Member
Hello fellow handbalancers - and wannabe handbalancers.

I confess i already am a huge fan of handstands but l lost my upsidedown ways in 2020 and my handstand practice has stagnated. I want to get back to a regular practice and pin down some elusive goals of the 1 minute hold and hopefully a press handstand (Note i consider my self to be amazing if I can nail a good kick up at the moment and a 10 sec hold - i just dream big)

So.. What are the benefits of doing handstands? The obvious ones are that you get to stand on your hands and look kind of cool and sometime take nice pics, Aside from the fun and showy side It is great skill to learn for many reasons, it’s fun, has endless variations and progressions but most importantly it is about mastering something previously impossible and teaches you about consistency and dedication - and being able to embrace the suck.

Additionally, during lockdown and quarantine, it’s a practice that requires zero equipment other than some floor space.

I have have linked some of my favourite resources if you are interested but don't know where to start:

So if this sounds like something you want to try out in 2021 - or find some fellow handstand enthusiasts i would love for you to join in the challenge. Nothing fancy is required to join in, just , practice and post on the thread. :smiley:
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