Great protein sources for minimizing hunger?

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What are some great foods for minimizing hunger? I eat fish, eggs and sometimes chicken breast on the daily basis as I found that makes me less ravenous throughout the day.
Any other interesting ideas?


  • janejellyroll
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    Satiety is highly individual (for some people, it's protein, others find that fat, carbohydrates, volume, or fiber do the trick better), but I find tofu and seitan to be high protein foods that are very satiating.
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    I'd experiment with what works for you.
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    Starchy carbs work best for me.
    If you look up lists of top ten most satiating foods you will find all macros represented with high volume and fibre strongly represented, plain potatoes often listed at #1 but to me that's the dullest way to eat spuds!
    Personally a big factor for me is taste and I can eat a lot of tasty protein sources before feeling full.
    For some people it's primarilly volume.

    Experimentation required.
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    From memory, some cuts of pork tenderloin are 140/4 ounces. Some angus steak comes in at 160/4 ounces.

    I throw both into my Foodi, and have lovely grilled meats in 12 minutes. Steak is great in a giant salad, or enjoy it with a little Trader Joe’s umami seasoning.

    I cut the pork into medallions and top it with a light sauce before grilling. We especially love the Kroger Thai chili peanut sauce @35/tbsp.

    I drain and slice extra firm tofu and stick it in the foodi, and toss with a sauce after it comes out. (Thanks to whoever suggested that on my earlier tofu help thread!)

    My favorite breakfast lately has been chopped country or honeybaked ham dumped onto a serving of liquid egg whites and a pinch of cheese, cooked into a pan sized rondelle, rolled up in a low carb tortilla. Delicious, filling, high protein.

    For snack or quick breakfast, I often have two ounces of deli turkey or chicken (120-140cal/2 oz) on toasted white bread (Healthy White is 70/2 slices).

    Almost all my snacks involve either cottage cheese or greek yogurt. Neither is super high protein but it’s a tasty way to slip a few more grams in disguised as snacks.
  • springlering62
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    If I’m roasting something anyway, I’ll add a couple of chicken breasts seasoned with honey-Aleppo or blackening seasoning and they’re ready for a fast, high protein sandwich later in the week.

    I made a delicious wrap yesterday with 6.5 ounces chopped grilled chicken, 1/3 tbsplow cal mayo brushed acrost it, chopped tomatoes and lettuce on a low carb tortilla. The whole thing came to 266 calories and 47gr protein. That’s so low it’s snack worthy, too.
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    For me the really lean ground beef made into patties with 2 percent slice cheese is very filling and helps with my low iron
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    Cheeseburgers, bun not included. Use 80% lean or less for it.
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    For me, coffee hands down.

    Protein .. egg whites, seafood, cottage cheese, protein powder
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    For me, high on the list are beans and other legumes: Some protein, some fiber, some volume, all in one food. But I always eat them with other ingredients.

    Salsa's always good, on most of them. For extra protein, add a dollop of plain nonfat Greek yogurt. For extra healthy fats/fiber, a dollop of guacamole. For extra volume, a big portion of fire-roasted diced canned tomatoes, chopped onions, diced sweet peppers, and (especially with black or pinto beans) around 7g of unsweetened cacao/cocoa powder for richer flavor - all heated, of course.

    But in other formats, beans are great in salad, too, or smashed for a veggie dip.