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Your best McGyverish fix



  • BraydanTaffyBraydanTaffy Member Posts: 504 Member Member Posts: 504 Member
    The hose to my washing machine disconnected and filled my basement with about 10 inches of water and that same day someone was coming to look at the house bc for sale I went to the dollar store and bought me a bunch of pool noodles and floaties grabbed 4 of the kids from the neighborhood to go swimming in the basement jacked up the price of the house by several thousand dollars bc indoor pool is a luxury and bam moved out thirty days later 😎

    Hey, we tried that, but then these neighbors showed up... convinced them to take the house off the market.



    This was actually a (partially) true story.

    Can I please live with you? I'm clean, I'm quiet, I don't eat much & I'm kind to neighbors.
  • tmanfivetmanfive Deleted Posts: 1,365 Member Deleted Posts: 1,365 Member
    If your grill or smoker has leaks use this.


    And, for more airflow across fuel surface, position your coal grates in a way that they are not flat.

    This is my OKy Joe’s smoker and the grates fit perfectly in the side smoker box with one horizontal and the other two in a V 🤙🏼

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