Runners, when does running become enjoyable?



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    I also want to mention, if you're having pain, you need to be fitted for sneakers and inserts. I paid almost 200 for both and now I'm virtually pain free. Initially kept popping something in my calf, but after a month of Chiropractic appointments and new gear, I'm 100% better. Sneakers need to be replaced every 6 months.
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    I find the trick for me is to not think about running while I am running. I listen to music and I let my mind wander to the events of the day or to pleasant things. Of course you have to be focused enough to watch for traffic. The moment I stop thinking about running the more pleasant it becomes
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    I wouldn't call myself a "runner", but I run once or twice a week and about 5K each time. I only started a few months ago and was pretty sporadic, but have gradually made it more of a regular thing. There's a great quote I found online about running that really resonates with me:

    "Running is the human body's most raw form of freedom."

    That about sums up the appeal of it and why I do enjoy it. To be able to pump my arms and legs continuously, pounding the pavement, going at whatever speed I want, feeling my heart rate accelerate and gulping in fresh air while passing beautiful scenery- nothing really can compare. It makes me appreciate the fact that I'm healthy and don't have any physical ailments holding me back.

    Being able to run further and increasing my endurance is great motivation. I take pride in the little achievements. I also get a lot of thinking done during my runs, so they always pass by quicker. As my weight drops, running gets easier- less baggage to haul around :)
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    I can't remember. Honestly. Whenever I start out on a run, I'm not really excited or thrilled about it. But somewhere along the line, I start to feel this...exhilarating feeling of accomplishment. Of freedom. I can't explain it. This feeling of pushing myself beyond where I thought my limits were and finding I can do so much more than I ever thought. I get there at some point during every run.

    I'll try to pay attention tomorrow and let you know. :)
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    When I'm finished and I crack open the first beer

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    I'm still waiting for it to be pleasant after a year and a half. However, I am training for a triathlon and all of my bike training and swimming is making me into a better runner and making it a little less miserable. Note, however, that I am not yet saying it is pleasant. I am excited about the fact that I had gone 20 years without running and didn't think I would again and C25K got me going again. I love my sense of accomplishment after the run!
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    When you are running at least 3/week. It creates endorphins which are pleasant and also addictive. Thus, withdrawal and crankiness if you stop running. Lose weight. Running heavy is never fun.
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    The last few miles, the finish and the high after I finish.
    Also when I beat my personal best.
    Finally, when my legs are strong and well rested.
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    "Running is the human body's most raw form of freedom."

    That's a nice quote--motivating, too! I'm off to go find some better shoes, and I might switch to an elliptical for a little while until my knee feels better. Pretty achey after my run this morning.
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    I've been running regularly for about 10 years. Sometimes it still sucks. A lot of the time, after I warm up for a mile or so, then I'm good to go. And then there are times, especially when I'm trail running, that it's so much fun I don't ever want to stop.

    But even the worst run - when I'm done - feels better than not having run at all.


    I feel like a machine usually about 45 minutes+ into a good run. I love the way I'm pounding along with music in my ears, rhythmic breathing, sweat pouring... I love it. When you get in that aerobic groove pace that you feel like you could keep up forever. That's the spot right there.


    You find your pace, your heart beating strong, the music in your ears, your footfalls on the earth. It's a total zen moment & your just like awhhhh I can keep going forever. Some days though I don't get it right, but like the others said, I still feel good that I did it. BTW I was never a runner & never in a million years thought I would ever run & those first 60 seconds felt like hell, my knee joints burned, I was laid up w/PF for a few weeks, everyday felt like torture, but I kept going & now after 2mos. I say, I'm a runner. BTW the shoes are a must, get fitted & see what works for you. I tried minimalist & that didn't work, I needed more support. So go get fitted & don't skimp.

  • How weird, I am different! I had developed pain in my knee running in "barefoot" shoes. I treated it as "runner's knee", and the pain got better until i started increasing my miles again. I finally switched to more supportive shoes, and I love running now! Plus, i seem to be trail runniing a lot, and the stability shoes prevent me from rolling my ankles in gravel...

    Good luck! Definatley check out a LOCAL running shoe store where they fit you and watch your stride when you test jog. :drinker:

    You may not have taken enough time to transition, or there could be other issues.

    As much as I want to say 'the bottom line is that the foot wasn't designed to require ANY external support', the bottom line really is that as long as you're out there running, then rock on.

    Just remember that your foot (your whole leg actually) is designed to absorb the shock from a mid/fore foot if you're heel striking, you're in the wrong shoes. Period.
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    There are three times running is enjoyable for me

    1. When I am finished
    2. When I am so into the run that I forget I am running
    3. When I wake up the next morning and feel my body tighter, firmer and lighter

    Regarding shoes...go to your local running shoe store and they will put you on a treadmill, rate your stride, see if you are a pronator, etc and tell you the best shoe to buy. You may be tempted to go cheaper online...but don't! Buy local and ask if they have a running group. That is how I started. Now I love running and you know the rest of my story...
    Not everyone has a local running store
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    I ran almost everyday for three years in the USMC. I hated it but it kept me in shape. I just had one question for the USMC. If we are the ones to attack and never retreat,,,why is it that we are focusing on the the cowardly act of running? Today after 30 years later it dawned on me that those calories that we burned up were actually keeping us going. I finally get my degree in the University of Hard Knocks
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    At what point in your training, if ever, did you start to actually enjoy running?

    Never. :laugh: I found it to be monotonous and boring and as a woman with DD cups, a pain in the chest to find a bra substantial enough to last for 10 or more miles on a regular basis.
  • jayjay12345654321
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    I ran almost everyday for three years in the USMC. I hated it but it kept me in shape. I just had one question for the USMC. If we are the ones to attack and never retreat,,,why is it that we are focusing on the the cowardly act of running? Today after 30 years later it dawned on me that those calories that we burned up were actually keeping us going. I finally get my degree in the University of Hard Knocks

    I suppose you could go waltzing into a foot charge, but you might lose the element of surprise by the time you get there.
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    I prefer bang bang you're dead LOL
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    Bump....foam rolling?? will google later :) thanx
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    Lots of good advice out here....for me running became enjoyable when I focused on the gains - getting into smaller clothes, feeling healthier, walking for longer periods of time, then running for longer periods of time. I realized it was the most efficient way for me to get the cardio workouts in. The most important factor for me is the ability to see my gains over time. I logged all of my runs so I could see the gains. Some times it was that I ran for 30 seconds longer than the previous week, sometimes it was that I ran a little faster. When I started I even repeated weeks on the C25k if I didn't think that I was ready.

    Definitely take some time to explore some different shoes as that could be the problem with the leg pains. I did the same thing and it was a huge difference.

    Hope you found your answer out here. I can tell you want to be running!
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    May I suggest aqua-jogging? It's still cardio but it's so much easier on the joints.
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    Usually at the end of the run - at least for me lately. Some days I could run forever, other days, it's painful to take 3 steps. BUT - I'm always glad I did it when I'm done.