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Vegan Meal Prep

Z10RtzaZ10Rtza Member Posts: 357 Member Member Posts: 357 Member
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I´m absolutely new to the meal prep world. I love cooking at the moment and giving all my love to the food.
But Monday I´m going to start a really intense routine that is going to need meal prep.
I will need to have breakfast at 5.00 in the morning and pick a bus right after with 2 hours ride. I will have from there only 3 times a pause of 15 minutes to eat something. We don´t have microwave and it is a bit tricky.
My pauses are going to be from 10.00-10.15, 12.15-12.30 and 14.15-14.30
I wont be home until after 18.00
So... Any ideas of what can I bring to eat quickly and don´t starve in the meantime?
Every idea is welcome.
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  • rosebarnalicerosebarnalice Member Posts: 2,946 Member Member Posts: 2,946 Member
    Wow! That's a tight schedule!

    When I used to do a lot of remote fieldwork I'd be pack high-fiber bars (I make my own kinda low sugar oatmeal/multigrain patties) maybe some hummus and/or peanut butter for protein, and some carrot and celery sticks to scoop into the hummus or PB for some filling fiber and moisture.

    I've also discovered various pressed tofu snacks at my favorite Asian grocery. They come in many flavors ( I like the spicy chili ones!) and are small and dense and very filling-- so 1 or 2 of them (200 - 300 calories depending on the flavor and the brand) will hold me for several hours.

    And of course, plenty of water!
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  • 205112611222205112611222 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
    Maybe some soup in a thermos? easy to prep a big batch and you can pack in a bunch of nutrition
  • hollylou100hollylou100 Member Posts: 2 Member Member Posts: 2 Member
    I havevm over night oats for my breakfast everyday with chia seeds, measure everything out in containers so the night before you just add your plant based milk and leave it in the fridge to do its magic. Sweeteners and cinnamon are your friend haha but you can add peanut butter and coconut milk,dark chocolate chunks etc to mix up the flavours. I have this with fruit of my choice.

    I prefer quinoa or couscous cous over pasta. And make it with vegetable and herbs . Usually loads of garlic and tomatoes,onions ,broccoli . Or the same base of veggies can be used to make curry if you switch up the spices.

    Check out the plant based options in your area.
    I love vegan sausages with new potatoes and veggies. You have to make the gravy on the day.
    Veggie burgers are good and filling too with home made wedges but I leave out the bread
    I always have bags of fresh spinach and add it to most my meals.

    I usually dont meal prep for more than 3 days as the food just doesnt stay nice.

    For snacks dark chocolate is good,rice cakes, or any vegan biscuits or muffins etc. I have a sweet tooth so I allow myself one a day. As long as it's in my calorie limit.

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