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Has anyone tried Plenity and have any success?


  • katieemagskatieemags Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
    I haven't seen any reviews from people who have tried Plenity so I will just note my journey for others that may be interested...
    A little background about myself is that I'm looking to lose between 60-70 pounds. For the last 3 years I have consistently put on 20 pounds a year after losing 60 pounds. I have tried every diet from Weight Watchers to Atkins and the only thing that consistently works for me is calorie counting. To try to help me stay within these calories becuase my restraint is obviously weak I decided to Plenity a try.
    I received my kit last week and took it for a few dinners to more see how I would react. I haven't noticed any side effects so this week I started taking it twice a day, before lunch and dinner.
    My biggest issues are overeating at dinner and snacking at night, along with eating when I wake up in the middle of the night to take my dog out. I'm not sure how long Plenity keeps you full, but I have noticed that after dinner I'm not looking for my next snack and I haven't ate in the middle of the night all week. I haven't noticed it working as much while I'm eating dinner in that I'm full. I have my meal plated eat it and then I notice the fullness a bit after I have eaten dinner so I think I may have to take it more than 30 minutes before I eat or maybe it will come after being on it for a few more days.
    Last week I did lose a few pounds, but that may have been since Holidays were over and I was back in my home and not staying with family which attributed to a lot of 'bad' eating so probably water weight.
    I will keep everyone updated as I continue.
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