Protein powder suggestions?

Can anyone recommend a good low carb protein powder that doesn't contain aspartame or sucralose? I'm allergic to both which makes things hard because they're in everything! I can do stevia. TIA! :)


  • goal06082021
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    It looks like Pure Protein sweetens most of their products with stevia, monkfruit, or cane sugar, that might work for you? Looks like around 8g net carbs per serving for any given flavor.
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    Thanks for answering! I've looked at that brand and it has sucralose, unless there's a variation that I'm not seeing.
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    My answer for protein powder is always Vega's line 🤷🏿‍♀️...

    They use neither of the ingredients you mentioned and you can pick non-stevia options too.

    I knew none of this til I looked it up but it gives me another reason to like the stuff. But to manage your expectations, a lot of people don't like the taste. "Oh ok...of which one, Maltedtea?"

    All of them 😂

    So ymmv
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    I think levels brand uses stevia
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    Protein powder is a long range experiment persons are conducting on themselves. Probably benign, but an experiment nonetheless. I like protein found in natural foods.
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    Can anyone recommend a good low carb protein powder that doesn't contain aspartame or sucralose? I'm allergic to both which makes things hard because they're in everything! I can do stevia. TIA! :)

    @andreagummmoore - my 2 cents: If you like a whey based - My choice is Tera’s Whey - I think it tastes the best. The vanilla is nice for baking. They have blueberry if you can get your hands on’s really nice and light.

    Pea/Hemp Protein Blend - So Lean & So Clean by Ora. Tastes good and I like the company. I use it in green shakes ..

    Also agree with @maltedtea - Vega is also a choice made with stevia. I use the all in 1 line for my family on the go because it has added vitamins.. if you are looking for that.

    Hope those are helpful.. :)


  • Anabirgite
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    I am also allergic to sucralose. I use Orgain Protein & Greens Blend Powder, it uses stevia. I do not drink it straight but add half recommended serving to a smoothie or oatmeal fruit and veggies mixture. I have not had any negative reaction, and I am very sensitive to sucralose.
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    This is my favorite for mixing in a smoothie.

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    On the occasion that I supplement I use Combat Cookies and Cream Whey. It doesn't have any artificial sweetener...has 2 grams of sugar and and 5 grams total carbs. I don't use it all that often, and I'm not really worried about a couple grams of sugar.
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    Thanks so much for your input everyone! 😁
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    My sister recently had Bariatric surgery, and her dietitian said to find a whey protein isolate. She stressed making sure that it was an Isolate, but I forget why.

    We buy Quest protein powder and make smoothies to up her daily protein goals.
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    True Nutrition offers a variety of protein powders from multiple sources - plants and animals - as well as plenty of flavor options. They even give customers the option to create a custom blend.
    I have only used their egg white protein (light vanilla flavor) on occasion - but I have enjoyed it each time!!
    I hope you find something that both you and your body like. :)
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    I’ve been using the Plexus milk chocolate protein powder. It uses stevia. I add cocoa to give it more of a dark chocolate taste. It’s good.
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    Muscle Feast uses stevia. Some versions of Kaged Muscle do, too.