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  • dreamer182dreamer182 Member Posts: 36 Member Member Posts: 36 Member
    I post a bunch of GF recipes and products I love on my instagram (@scriptsandspoons). I could make a whole list for you of my favorite products!

    Little northern bakehouse- best bread
    Canyon Bakery- best bagels
    O dough - best bagel thins
    Lesserevil- tons of amazing snacks
    American Dream Nut Butter- the BEST peanut/almond butter with all GF toppings. I love this on bread, fruit, oatmeal, and rice cakes (code amy10 will save you!)
    Chex and Cheerios- my favorite low(er) sugar cereal
    Banza- pasta
    Frozen CPK- best frozen pizza
    Birch Benders- best pancake/waffle mix
    Flour- Bobs red mill 1:1 or cup 4 cup
    Nadamoo- ice cream with GF mix-in's
    Toufayan- best wraps/tortillas
    Natures path- best frozen waffles
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