Step Aerobics

Once upon a time I used to love step aerobics. These days I am incredibly unfit and incredibly out of practice. I put a beginners class on and after 20 minutes I was thoroughly lost and confused and had to stop. Does anyone know any fun step workouts on YouTube with a clear beat and clear instructions that's actually beginner friendly?


  • socajam
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    I would do a search on step aerobics for beginners and see what comes up
  • ninerbuff
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    Cathe Frederich is awesome.

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  • amoangelus
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    Thank you Ninerbuff, I'll check them out.
  • meb2490
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    Check out the YouTube thread. There are lots of great beginner step workouts on YouTube for free. Jenny Ford I think would be great to start with.
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    Jenny Ford has loads on YouTube, from very simple beginner on up.
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    Jenny Ford is amazing! Thank you. I love how clear her videos are and that the beginner videos are very well explained with countdowns to change the move and she's really supportive too! Like whenever I start flagging she seems to know and chime in with encouragement. I think she's an instructor I can stick with.