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Grandma needs help

grandma46923grandma46923 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
First time on here. Just learning what to do. Need all the help I can get. Any suggestions?


  • MaltedTeaMaltedTea Member, Premium Posts: 4,223 Member Member, Premium Posts: 4,223 Member
    👋🏿 Hi there! Are you using MFP more for fitness or nutrition? Or both?

    Based on where you're at, MFPers like me can chime in.

    In the meantime, welcome aboard!
  • quiksylver296quiksylver296 Member, Premium Posts: 27,588 Member Member, Premium Posts: 27,588 Member
    Did you do the guided set-up and get a calorie target? If not, start there.

    Then just start logging what you are eating into the food diary, working on hitting that calorie target.
  • LisaGetsMovingLisaGetsMoving Member Posts: 117 Member Member Posts: 117 Member
    Log your foods. Log your exercises. You don't have to do anything fancy, walking is great exercise! Send friend requests to a few people who have similar goals or lifestyles so they can help keep you accountable, and then be sure to comment on their progress as well. Drink your fluids and get good sleep. That's all I got.
  • springlering62springlering62 Member, Premium Posts: 2,154 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,154 Member
    I’m grandma age, but not a grandma. (Need to get those younguns on the stick!)

    You’ll find a number of us here. I am 58, started at 56, lost over 90 pounds, went a smidge too low, currently trying to add a few back and then settle into maintainance.

    Your head, friends, even family may tell you you can’t do this, it’s going to be hard, yada yada. I will honestly tell you, the hardest part is the first month- learning the app, learning to weigh properly, log properly.

    Once you’ve got that licked, everything will fall into place.

    Determine your calorie goal, set a pleasantly reasonable loss per week, so you don’t get hungry and tempted to binge, try to add in some exercise - even walking is fine- for the health benefits and to earn back a few calories (happy dance!).

    Don’t make this a brutal race to the finish. You didn’t gain it overnight, so it’s unnecessary to feel like you need to lose it overnight.

    If you have any questions please feel free to post them. I would be thrilled to help another young at heart older user, as would others.

    There’s also several threads around here devoted to various age groups.

    Success to you!
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