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Are my scales correct?

ggh15ggh15 Member Posts: 13 Member Member Posts: 13 Member
I’m 5’4 and a UK size 10, my scales are currently saying 72.7 kg. Can that really be right???


  • LivingtheLeanDreamLivingtheLeanDream Member Posts: 13,264 Member Member Posts: 13,264 Member
    they might not be, when did you last weigh yourself? are your clothes fitting the same?
  • RedordeadheadRedordeadhead Member Posts: 847 Member Member Posts: 847 Member
    Are they on a hard, flat surface (not carpet)? With clothes on? After eating? Did you calibrate to 0 before you stepped on?
  • yirarayirara Member, Premium Posts: 5,805 Member Member, Premium Posts: 5,805 Member
    Final thing: If I lift my scales off the floor because I take a shower (my bathroom gets flooded due to poor construction) and put it back down after the floor is dry then the first measurement is always around 1.7kg more. I have no idea why. So I always step on twice.
  • sijomialsijomial Member, Premium Posts: 17,592 Member Member, Premium Posts: 17,592 Member
    There's a lot of people at different weights at that height and there's a lot of vanity clothing sizing.
    Could they be right? Yes.
    Could they be wrong? Also yes.

    Try some other scales.
  • jeri30jeri30 Member Posts: 19 Member Member Posts: 19 Member
    Use your scale to weigh something you know the weight of. Like put a 10 lb weight on it. Does the scale weigh it accurately? Can you calibrate the scale to zero to adjust it if not and re-weigh the item?

    Could you compare your weight on your scale with a friend's scale? Weigh yourself and then go to a friend's place and weigh yourself?
  • AvidkeoAvidkeo Member, Premium Posts: 2,546 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,546 Member
    I'm 5'3 and currently 69kg, just come down from 72kg.

    I generally wear a size 12 at 72kg, however do fit a lot of size 10 clothes as well (in NZ so sizing is about the same).

    So yes, you can be UK 10 in some clothing.

    Honestly I went shopping a couple of weeks ago and ranged from a 10 to a 14 depending on the shop. So sizes aren't a good way to judge your size.
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  • AvidkeoAvidkeo Member, Premium Posts: 2,546 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,546 Member
    Also s ales weight is just a basis. I weigh every day on my scales because its a fixed constant. Theyay not be accurate, but because I use the same measuring device, that's all that matters. My TREND is going down, that's all that actually matters. The actual number on the scale doesn't mean a lot.
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