What is your FAVORITE thing about yourself?

For me it would have to be my smile! Genetically blessed with good teeth!


  • jessienani
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    Probably my height. I'm not quite 5'8" and I feel like it is tall, yet not super tall. I've always liked being the height I am.

    Nice! That's a good height!
  • jessienani
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    nrod2201 wrote: »
    my attitude about life! :)

    That's a great one! I always try to stay positive about everything!
  • jessienani
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    Physical... Probably my eyes.
    Otherwise... Probably my empathy

    Eyes are always a great one! EMPATHY is huge and a struggle for most!
  • jessienani
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    My hair. Even though at the moment I'm starting to resemble Hermione and REALLY need it cut 😂 bloody corona

    Hahahhaa I like it!!!
  • jessienani
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    Sand_TIger wrote: »
    I have a hard time coming up with something really - but I think my favorite thing is how my body has kept itself together even though I've treated it really badly over the years, and still bounces back now that I'm treating it right. It really has had to put up with a lot!

    I am jealous of that! My body seems to never bounce back!!
  • xxxtarable27xxx
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    Physical would probably be my eyes.
    Otherwise how hard I work when I put my mind to something I want.
  • Philliesfan21
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    My eyes.