Queryg what was/were your primary exercise/s for getting in shape

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Obviously fat loss is mostly eating habits, but was there a physical activity that significantly eases your calorie goals or improved another fitness parameter or helped in some other way? A routine or regimen you adopted.


  • nexangelus
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    Lifting heavy (weight training), have always cycled, walked and been physically active otherwise....
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    I started out just walking on the treadmill. After building up my fitness level (increasing speed and incline) I decided to try running again. This time round, I fared a lot better than my previous attempts at C25K, so now I run on the treadmill a few times a week. On top of that, I row occasionally (Concept 2 indoor rower) and I started lifting weights a few months ago.

    The running is pretty good for giving me extra calories to consume and I like improving my running times and distances.
    Rowing is not something I particularly like, usually 20-30 minutes when I feel I've been too lazy and my legs need a rest after running. Since my rowing sessions are short, it doesn't really do a lot for weight loss, just a little calorie boost.
    Weight training takes longer, but doesn't burn a lot of calories. I like getting stronger and I'm sure it will help me look better without losing a lot more weight, since I'm almost at a normal BMI. And I'm sure I've lost a bit of muscle mass after losing 55lbs, so it will help with that.

    Generally speaking, my cardiovascular fitness and endurance has increased drastically (I'm fitter now than 15 years ago before gaining weight), from the walking and then running. My resting heart rate is also lower.
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    nexangelus wrote: »
    Lifting heavy (weight training), have always cycled, walked and been physically active otherwise....

    Lifting heavy helped to transform my body. I always run 2 miles before my lifting session. But progressive weight lifting really helped me.

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    Lifting heavy crap 🤷🏿‍♀️ I did ride on my janky hybrid bike a lot during the summer but that was mostly to chill out.
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    tai chi
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    Cycling enthusiast...road and mountain/trail. I used to do a lot of long distance road cycling events but took a couple of years off from those to just enjoy riding and being more casual. I'm back to actively training in 2021...I have a Fondo scheduled for late May, so hopefully that stays a go and doesn't get COVID cancelled.

    I also hit the weight room 2-3 days per week depending on my schedule. I also enjoy getting out on hikes when I can...usually spring through fall when we do a lot of camping in the mountains.

    Helps with the calories, but really I do it to maintain a fairly high degree of fitness, and it does wonders for my health markers and I enjoy it. I'm doing a lot of FTP interval kinds of stuff right now, which is fairly strenuous, but it's relatively short in duration with periods of rest and doesn't burn a ton of calories.
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    Basically after being an active kid, I become an inactive teenager and that followed me into adulthood. Then I said screw this and rediscovered my passion for all things active. Basically I want to continue to be active as long as I can.
    I love that I cross train, so I never get bored with my exercise routine. Right now it's all focused on swimming and yoga. I have an ongoing injury that is limiting my other activities, but I hope that is slowly resolving.
    When it's nicer I am always on the go with my mountain bike. I love snowboarding but winter has been poop here so far. And I want to get back into my running again, injury willing, that might be back come this summer.
    Plus I really, really want to get a sea kayak. I use to sprint kayak when I was younger and I have since rediscovered that love too.
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    Anything that you enjoy doing on a regular basis and gets the heart pumping. I've had success with fast walking, jogging, cycling, golf (walking not riding).
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    When my success story is written it will say that I *walked and hiked a lot, it will say that I rode my bicycle for fun, it will say that I started lifting heavy things, building muscles and improving my strength. It will say that I kept an eye on my calorie intake and learned how to include the "decadent" foods I love regularly but at appropriate portions. I am only just now starting but I've got good long range vision and can imagine my next birthday or Christmas in a totally different shape.

    *My calculation is that if I walk 90 minutes per day and stay within my calorie range I will lose a minimum of 1 pound per week, so that is what I am aiming for. All other exercise is done for fun or for building muscles.
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    Walking about 20 miles each week and resistance training. The resistance training was in part back rehab that morphed into a 3-a-week habit that has kept my back strong and the rest of me mostly injury free. Lots of squats and lunges and also upper body work. The key for me has been keeping it regular and doing something 7 days a week. Also bringing people into the workouts (virtually) and logging - both to keep me accountable.
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    While losing weight (315lbs -185lbs) I walked 3 to 5miles a day (sometimes more but 5 was an average).
    dropping from 200 to 185lbs I cut my calories back to much and lost some muscle; a year of weight training got it right back.
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    Walking outdoors about 30-35 miles/week while making sure I ate at a calorie deficit, that wa responsible for 85% of my weight loss. The last 15% I have lost, over a much longer timeframe, running 12-30 miles/week. For me, I think running makes my calorie deficit more difficult to attain since I am hungrier. The Runger is Real.

    ETA: I do love running and I think it's helping keep my weight down as I recomp a little... so I'm not complaining about it.
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    Swimming laps!
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    Endurance speed rope. Despite being a very fit long-distance runner, jump rope was torture that rapidly evolved in a few weeks to pleasure - and my fitness level increased by leaps and bounds.