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Starting low fodmap.

Cheery83Cheery83 Member Posts: 80 Member Member Posts: 80 Member
I have been recomended the low fodmap diet to reduce my stomach problems.
This is a diet that leaves out seemingly 70% of all foods. Most of which I have always thought were healthy.
There is plenty of junk food that I will be able to have, but since I cant just grab whatever I see and eat it I am thinking I can plan to be healthy and have healthy food ready.

Because when an actual gastrodoctor tells me to try a diet I feel I need to give it my all. This diet has not been suggested to lose weight and since it is riddiculusly spesific I dont recommend it if your doctor have not suggested it.
I really dread going 6 weeks without garlic. It is going to be the first thing that gets phased back in.
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