Favorite zero calorie electrolyte supplement?

Just looking for a change from Ultima. Preferably something low-budget, please!

FYI, my dr suggested I drink these daily, especially during exercise, as I have very low blood pressure and sodium levels.


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    Maldon Sea Salt Flakes:

    Maldon Salt Company The Original Since 1882 LOVED BY CHEFS THE WORLD OVER HERITAGE Since 1882, our salt has been made with the same traditional artisan methods. Salt markers born and bred, we’ve been hand harvesting our world famous salt flakes from the coastal town of Maldon since 1882. FAMILY BUSINESS Our salt works are run by the 4th generation of the Osborne family. UNIQUE QUALITY Our soft crunchy flakes are loved by the chefs and aspiring cooks the world over. Seawater is carefully harvested on the spring tides every two weeks. There’s an art in temperature and timing which is our family secret. Using our unique traditional methods, we hand harvest our flakes to ensure they are simply perfect in both taste and texture. DISTINCTIVE SHAPE Our curious pyramid crystals have always been our company trademark. So much of the flavor of sea salt is in the shape of the crystals and the way they are experienced on the tongue. Maldon’s flakes release their saltiness with sweet precision and add another layer of texture and crunch. They are tactile and best served by taking a generous pinch and crushing between fingers and thumb.
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    They’re not zero calories but most Nuun tablets are about 10 calories apiece. You drop a tablet in plain water and end up with a fizzy, carbonated drink. They have a ton of flavors and are pretty good.
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    Plain old Gatorade ZERO for me. And I turn in the bottles to be able to buy at least a case.

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    I love mio drops
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    I love mio drops

    I didn't know it was an electrolyte. I thought it was just flavoring.