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What exercise/program defines BORING for you?



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    The ultimate boring exercise is swimming laps, something I did for hrs a day in my youth.
    It wins the grand prize because of the extreme sensory deprivation, no sound or TV to distract.

    To me, boring is walking on a treadmill. So boring a screen is almost a requirement. Running on a treadmill is only slightly less boring, but only because it's finished sooner. Some stretching is pretty boring, but yoga is kind of the opposite because part of the goal is mental focus on very small things. Ergometer is pretty boring, too, but it's full body and doesn't take too long.

    Just wondering how is it boring when you can be on your phone, listen to music, podcasts, watch movies/tv/news, browse MFP, get research or other reading done, etc?

    If it's SO BORING that I have to do something else so I don't bash my head into the wall out of boredom.... it's boring. Yes, I can maybe find a distraction. The treadmills at my gym let me watch really interesting videos of people doing sick and silly things on snow, mountain bikes, or whatever. If I'm going to read, I'll be too involved in my reading to bother with keeping up my pace. I am very fortunate to have found my little zen while swimming.

    Oh. Yeah. I sweat. The library doesn't like it when I sweat all over the books we all own collectively.

    I don't "play" on my phone. I can plug in earphones and listen to music, but if I listen to a podscast or NPR news, it distracts from what I'm doing. So, yeah.... boring.

    I used to find moving heavy things around kind of boring. But now (well, not lately; haven't been in a while; I hear there's something going around), I can get REALLY focused on making sure I have good form and pay attention to the big and small muscles. I also have another part of my weight workout that keep it from being boring, but it's not my favorite thing to do. I like hiking. So much to see all around. I like paddling or rowing boats on whitewater. You really BETTER be focused. So focused that the entire universe only exists within 200 meters. Not boring. Ergometer? Kind of boring. Bike to nowhere? Can be. Dreadmill? Yes.

    I guess I do find it boring because I always have the need to do other stuff while doing it. But because I am doing the other stuff, to me it seems fun lol.
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    tread mills...sometimes I look to see how long the people around me (Pre C) have been on...some are like over an hour or more. I can't do it...
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    PAPYRUS3 wrote: »
    tread mills...sometimes I look to see how long the people around me (Pre C) have been on...some are like over an hour or more. I can't do it...

    Same! I feel such pressure walking next to those people. When I’m 10 minutes in, I’m ready to hop off but keep walking another 5 because I don’t want to look bad.

    By 15 minutes, I don’t care anymore lol. Get me off this thing! Reputation, in front of strangers I don’t know, be damned!
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