Favorite low calorie snack or dessert?

What is everyone's favorite low calorie snack or dessert... If needs to be made please include recipe...

Mine is jello!! If you get the sugar free its only 10 calories a serving!! Love it!!


  • raventwo
    raventwo Posts: 91 Member
    Not sure what is low cal to you, but for me I'm happy with fresh blueberries or raspberries (1/2 cup up to 1 cup) either with unsweetened homemade whipped cream with vanilla (just a couple tablespoons) or 1/2 of a live culture fruit yogurt (like brown cow or full fat dannon oikos).
  • swenger_rn
    swenger_rn Posts: 7 Member
    Yoplait Greek 100 cal peach yogurt or Jack Links Teriyaki beef nuggets.
  • asp415
    asp415 Posts: 1,492 Member
    Sugar free fudge pops. Only 40 calories & satisfy the chocolate craving.
  • Fruit
  • connie_messina
    connie_messina Posts: 495 Member
    mini Madeleine cake its a small angel food cake with 1/2 cup frozen yogurt with one raspberry to top! or low fat whipped cream and strawberry on the angel food cake! yum and so low fat!
  • lynnerack
    lynnerack Posts: 158 Member

    Can't go wrong with fruit!
  • A frosting made of sugar free whipped cream with sugar free cream cheese pudding mix added in with any fruit!
  • jovalleau
    jovalleau Posts: 127 Member
    While not exactly low calorie, I love rolled oats mixed with crunchy peanut butter, or an apple with crunchy peanut butter....or Hell, just a spoonful of crunchy peanut butter!
  • some frozen fruit and a few tbsp of dark chocolate chips :)
  • laserturkey
    laserturkey Posts: 1,680 Member
    1/2 c. Fage plain Greek yogurt
    20 g. peanut flour
    2 t. brown sugar
    splash of water

    Stir and eat! Tasty peanut "pudding" with tons of protein!
  • scottaworley
    scottaworley Posts: 871 Member
    120ish calories per isn't too bad in my book.
  • 5n0wbal1
    5n0wbal1 Posts: 429 Member
    Greek yogurt...yum!!!
  • shivles
    shivles Posts: 468 Member
    Another vote for yoghurt and fruit!
  • Quieau
    Quieau Posts: 428 Member
    lately, ripe watermelon with a pinch of salt tastes like candy to me (1/2 cup is 23 calories) ... and edy's coconut water w/banana (popsicle) ... (60 cal)
  • AlwaysInMotion
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    Fav snacks: Plain (or very lightly seasoned) popcorn, sugar snap peas, cherry tomatoes, fresh cherries, grapes (they're fun frozen, too)... Fav "desserts": Fage greek yogurt topped with berries & agave drizzle, low-cal popsicles/fudgesicles, or barely thawed chunks of frozen mango (my brain thinks they're little hunks of sorbet)
  • avskk
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    Popcorn chips with salsa (tons) or a reasonable amount of guacamole. A bunch of raw veggies with guac or salsa. Half a toasted bagel thin torn into chunks with a little Laughing Cow and an ounce of smoked salmon. 50g black olives diced fine, 1oz cheese diced or grated fine, 20g diced tomato, basil and garlic powder, all in a portabella cap. 100-cal popcorn bag with Accent. 65g frozen Greek yogurt. Cauliflower and broccoli dipped in 40g lowfat cottage cheese.

    ... Now I'm feeling snacky, damn.
  • LorienCoffeeBean
    LorienCoffeeBean Posts: 227 Member
    hummus and veggies