Running Shoes for Heavy Overpronators?

Hey y'all. I've been fit for shoes at a running store and they indicated that stability shoes would work well for me because of my overpronation and because I'm a heavier runner (I weigh 178). I've been running in Gel Kayanos and they're fine but even with my insoles they seem to lack enough arch support. I've been thinking about trying a motion control shoe or a different stability shoe but I'd like your recommendations!

What stability/motion control shoe do you run in?
How far do you usually run? How often? Outside/inside?
Do you have special foot issues the shoe addresses, like overpronation?
How much do you weigh/are you a heavier runner?

I've already tried the minimalist/5-finger trend and I'm not interested in going back to them, just FYI.



  • LearnFromTheRed
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    Mizuno Wave Inspire 9
    Outside on really quite bad pavements. Anything between 2-6 miles.
    I overpronate - my joints are a bit weird!
    5', 142lbs
  • lblert
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    Mizuno Wave Inspire 9
    Outside on sidewalks and roads
    I'm a mild to moderate overpronator
    I'm a heavy runner (>160 lbs)

    The shoe originally recommended to me at my running store was the Brooks Adrenaline 13, which is a really popular shoe among overpronators/heavier runners. But I didn't like it at all because it felt way too clunky and bulky. The Mizunos have a lower heel and are more lightweight, which I like.
  • meerkat70
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    I'd go with the brooks. Adrenaline is a great shoe, and Brooks are generally recommended for those of us who are a bit on the heftier side.

    But really you'd be best off getting them to let you run in the shoes, on a treadmill at the shop. Best wayto work out what's best for you shoe-wise.
  • 2hobbit1
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    Checkout they have great online chat support and can help you with suggestions on fit for your personal issues. They also have an outstanding return policy - they want you to wear them under your usual running conditions long enough to know if they really work for you and will take them back for exchange or credit - I think for a t least 60 days. The website will have all the info.
  • wolfchild59
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    What shoes did the store recommend to you? Whenever I get fitted I usually get a half a dozen or more selections from the clerks at the store for me to try on and feel exactly what feels best on my foot. They let me run around in them and get a good general feel for them. If one shoe doesn't feel good, then it's on the next one. Before going in, a runner friend had recommended Asics to me and they were the worst of the shoes I tried because of how they fit around the center of my foot. So I was very thankful for having the clerk there to help make sure I had the best shoe for me.

    Also a second vote for Road Runner Sports. I'd see if there is one in your area that you can go try on shoes at. And join their value club plan. Because when you're a member of the plan, you can use a pair of shoes as much as you want for up to 90 days and still be able to exchange them for a different pair if you don't like the ones you got.
  • dejalo
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    Thanks so much everyone! I have a pair of Brooks Adrenaline that also caused some sole pain. It looks like I need to try on some Mizunos. More recommendations are welcome!
  • ZenInTexas
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    Bumping for replies. I am on the hunt for new shoes.
  • meerkat70
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    How heavy are you? Not being personal, but it helps to have some idea? If we're talking seriously overweight, some foot discomfort might go with the territory with any impact exercise. How much is 'some sole pain'?
  • bmiller211
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    I am heavy and I use the beast from brooks...when I first started running my feet hurt all the time but after using the beast for 2 years my feet don't hurt at all!!:explode: :love:
  • PeteWhoLikesToRunAlot
    Brooks Adrenaline or Trace are great stability shoes. Adrenaline are a bit lighter with less cushioning, trance are heavier with more midsole cushion.
  • codapea
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    I went from the womens gel kayanos to the womens gel evolution for the same reason- needed more arch support. I did dance and pointe ballet for 12 years and have high arches. I am currently 175 (5'5") and run around 20 miles a week on the treadmill, pavement and foothills trails. I tried on a lot of shoes at the running shop before I bought these and nothing compared. I love these shoes. I really wished I could get a flashier looking shoe or a cooler brand when I went in to replace my kayanos, but the boring old grey asics evolution really was the best shoe for me. Good luck!
  • amybg1
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    Asics have always been my preferred shoe especially the Kayanos partly because I have a size 11 foot and so shoes in my size aren't always comfortable... I'm a mild to moderate pronator, my first Guide who's also the manager of the Running Room closest to my house loves her Adrenalines but they didn't fit my feet right/didn't feel right for my feet so Asics were the way to go. A few months ago I went to the Running Room across the street from my curling club which is across town from me to get my shoes checked since I can only tell my shoes need to be retired when my foot gets sore and that manager agreed that Asics were a good fit for me but for fun wanted to try me out in a new shoe since she didn't think the Kayano 19's would be a good fit. I'm currently in New Balance 860 V3's - pretty good arch support I find but a bit heavier than Asics - I'm 5'8 and just under 200lbs though I'm pretty well muscled and have "heavy" legs. Little fat, tons of muscle