Clean eaters/runners I need your help.

Confession time and a question: I have been training for this half marathon and I haven't been strength training like I should be. So my goal starting this week is to start that. I plan on doing Chalean Extreme Lean phase because I know that's the phase with the best results. (I've completed two rounds of it before). I really would like to lean out before this half. I don't really care if I lose pounds but I would like to get tighter/more toned BECAUSE (you all will get a kick out of this) I bought a pair of purple running capris from Old Navy to go with my Bad *kitten* Mother Runner shirt to wear for the half. I had to get them in an XL instead of an XXL because they were on clearance and that's all they had. They fit but could fit better. Lol.

SO in order to accomplish this I'm going to add push phase to my running. I've been trying to eat clean but it's hard sometimes. I'm going to try to clean my diet up a little more. So here's the question- on days that I work, (and I'm a nurse in a very busy emergency deparment) since I work 12 hours, I take whatever food I've meal prepped that week and it's clean. Example, if I am working 12-1230 I will eat breakfast at home and maybe a small snack. Breakfast usually being oatmeal and a piece of fruit. Small snack can be anything from fruit and yogurt to a cliff bar. At work I will take a Smucker's uncrustables (reduced sugar/whole wheat) and eat that with some no sugar added applesauce very quickly on a short break, maybe 5 minutes. What can I make that would be cleaner/less processed that I can grab and eat quickly?


  • bananas and pb, almonds, apples, lara bars, celery and pb...
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  • Is the sandwich/applesauce the only thing you are eating during the 12 hour shift? Do you have a spot at work to stash some options in case you run low on time at home, you know they will be waiting at work?

    Also, how far along are you in your training? How many miles a week?

    Congrats on the weight lost, and on the upcoming half!!
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    I'm sure I'll catch flack for this, but have you considered Intermittent Fasting (IF)? Eat before you leave for work and then again when you get home 12 hours later (half daily cals int eh morning, other half at night--should keep you full)?

    That said, you could make grab-and-go baggies with vegetables, nuts, beef jerkey, cheese, etc. If I'm out and about, I always have a Larabar in my bag--they're made with just nuts and fruit.
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    I know it's hot, but make some soup from scratch and freeze servings of it. You can grab some of that to nuke at work. And, the Lara bars, almonds, etc that others have suggested.

    And, be prepared with a back up plan on the capris (but I totally understand the urge to be fashionable even at a race!!). You don't want to be miserable when you run. Plus, it might be too warm for capris, and you'll prefer shorts.

    Good luck at the half!!
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    I'm going to jump in here and say that if you don't get a chance to do a couple of long training runs in the capris before race day, don't run in them on race day. And preferably a run at least a week out from the race, so if you do have any issues with them chafing or causing irritation, that you have some time for the skin to heal.

    There are few things worse during a race, especially one as long as a half marathon, than realizing that there is something not fitting right and causing irritation or chaffing to occur. You'd be amazed at how months of training can go down the drain for one ill-fitting item that chafes you red/raw/bloody. No matter how good the rest of the run feels, it can be really hard to run well through the pain of a raw patch of skin that hurts with every step.

    The general rule is to never do anything new on race day. Don't eat anything new a day or two before and don't wear/bring anything new that you have not trained in.

    And congrats on your loss and on your first half marathon!